Why Root Galaxy S5?

You may wonder why you need to root your brand, new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Well, there’s many different reasons to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 but let’s take a look at some of the examples:

Backup/Restore ROM – Having rooted Galaxy S5 means you will be able to easily backup/restore everything on your phone which will backup the whole OS including your apps, settings, and more. This alone is a great reason, since you can make a snapshot backup of your phone. If you happen to lose your phone, you can easily restore your phone if you have a rooted Galaxy S5 with backup ROMs.

Free Wifi Tether/Hotspot – Most U.S. carriers make you pay twice for the same internet you’ve already paid for by adding surcharge to Wifi Tether/Hotspot feature.  In countries outside the U.S., there is no surcharge for tethering yet there’s no laws to protect consumers in the U.S.  By rooting your Galaxy S5, you will be able to easily enable your WiFi Tether/Hotspot using hotspot mod or custom ROMs.

Rooted apps – There’s many rooted apps on the Play Store that you can only run with a rooted phone and another reason to root your Galaxy S5.   For example, I use DSLR Controller app to use rooted my S5 as remote view for my Canon 7D DSLR camera.  You can also use Titanium Backup app easily to backup your apps and restore them.  And yes, you can easily move your apps along with your app data from one Android device to another with a rooted Galaxy S5.

Custom ROMs – You can install custom ROMs easily on a rooted Galaxy S5, which will change your OS with customization and features.  Some notable features with custom ROMs including overclocking CPU for more performance, better battery life with software tweaking, customization of the phone using different colors/icons, and a ton more.

These are just several reasons for rooting your Galaxy S5 but there’s slew of other things you can do with a rooted Galaxy S5.

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  1. Mike says:

    Love your website man! I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Verizon. Obviously, the bootloader is locked. I want to root, but mainly to load custom roms (Cyanogenmod). Do you ever foresee anyone coming up with a way to unlock this phone? I’m not so much interested in using Snapshot. I would like to install Clockworkrecovery Mod. If the devs are not able to unlock this device, is there (or will there be) a way to work around the bootloader?

    One last question: did the devs ever unlock the Galaxy S4 bootloader by Verizon? Thanks again!!

    • Ryan says:

      You WILL be able to install Custom ROMs, however, only Touchwiz-Based ROMs are supported. Not to worry, as there are plenty of AOSP themed and nicer looking TouchWiz ROMs out there. 🙂

  2. Frank says:

    Any chance there is a way to modify/add the tmobile aws 4g bands to the galaxy s5 similar to what you did on the s at&t s4 AWS MOD to enable T-Mobile AWS 3G/4G bands

    • admin says:

      yes let me look into it.

      • Frank says:

        Thanks for looking into this. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

      • elmer says:

        have you come to a solution of any sort for this matter? im using galaxy s5 active on tmobile and would like to be able to use it on 4g cause right now it only uses edge :/

      • Romeo says:

        Hi Max, I got at&t galaxy s5 from 2 days ago and I’m using it on my tmobile and I wanted to know if there’s any news about enabling the aws t-mobile on that phone .. we really need it bro, it helped a lot to improve my signal on galaxy s4 before. Thanks alot bro.

      • Jason says:

        Hi Max, do you have the solution to add AWS LTE band to the SM-G900F Galaxy S5? Thanks in advance, your posts are very helpful.

      • Frank says:

        Any update on enabling the tmobile aws 4g bands on the at&t galaxy s5?

  3. sanjitbhattrai says:

    how do i update software of galaxy S5 SM-G900F , after rooted my phone.

    • admin says:

      OTA updates? I wouldn’t take them after rooting, if you want to take them again, you need to reflash stock recovery or unroot.

      • sanjit says:

        Thanks man i tried and it works thanks alot again and 1 more thing andriod has update its firmware to G900FXXUOBNE6, kitkat 4.4.3 , is it really true if it is than were can we get it thanks.

        • Max Lee says:

          You can grab stock ROM and flash with ODIN or usually someone posts on XDA with a rooted version you can flash with CWM/TWRP, let me see if I can find one.

  4. sanjit says:

    Hi i have install firmware of march 31 and after that my finger sensor is not working any idea why and any thing we can do for it.

  5. FELIPE TORO says:

    hello i really need your help.
    I just bought a s5 but I dirint knew and it is from CHINA. Well after trying to use some services of the s5 like using the finger scanner or the snapshot did not work plus sometimes im using the phone when suddenly it restarts some other times it freezes and restarts again.


    • Max Lee says:

      Chinese model? Can you see which model it is? It should say if you take the back cover and battery off.

  6. elmer says:

    please some pointers on how to find this for galaxy s5 active from att. i want to use it on tmobile and ive been looking and trying many things non stop for a week now 🙁

  7. candy says:

    I have a problem my brand new gs5 automatically restarts. Any idea why and how to configure

  8. Ulises says:

    hey I’ve been following this page for a while now… thanks for all the help you have provided me.. I have two questions for you I want to unlock sim carrier from sprint on a samsung S5, how can i do this, is it possible just by rooting the phone or is there another procedure…

  9. David G says:

    I have used your site to root many phones and I love this site, I send a lot of people here but I need to ask you something. I have a verizon S5 and I want to root it and install the T-Moblie stock ROM is that going to work or not? Thank you for your help.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can yes but with ROMs not with actual stock firmware. By flashing T-mobile stock ROM, you will probably lose all data/call if using on Verizon network but will work fine for GSM networks like T-Mobile.

  10. chris says:

    i need help for my Galaxy s5 lte-a (G906s), i could not use the SIM toolkit (i find the file but its 0Kb). while i need it to open bank account and top up.
    should i root the phone and replace the stk.apk files ?

    need your opinions

  11. April says:

    Hello. I have a verizon galaxy s5. I already have it running on the new cricket/at&t… however I do not have lte. I was wondering if someone post a stock version of cricket galaxy s5 would i be able to completely flash and get rid of verizon sick version, so the phone will access all of cricket lte network?

  12. Jorge says:

    Hi, I have an S5 from AT&T, and am thinking of rooting. However, I’m inexperienced and my last root of my S3 from Sprint didn’t go very well. What steps should I take with the S5? My main goals are to simplify the OS to be as close to true Android experience as possible, and also speed up the phone.


  13. William says:

    Hi! Is there anyway that I can Enable Band 4 AWS on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime LTE from Korea?

  14. Barrie says:

    HI, I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Special LTE-A (SM-906K) from Korea. It is unlocked, but it is a branded model (Olleh). Will rooting the phone, remove the brand logo from the boot screen and also remove the Korean operating system and apps and replace them with a standard US or European version of the firmware. Even the phone keypad has Korean symbols on each key. Thanks.

  15. givaldo borges cbarbosa says:

    olá senhores boa tarde tudo bem eu preciso fazer o root em meu aparelho galaxy s5 sm-g906k versão da banda base g906kktu1ank1
    versão do 3.10.0-3168781dpi@swdd5716#1 mon nov 3 11:43:44 kst 2014
    nº de compilação kvt49l.g906ktu1ank1
    sera que alguem ai pode mim ajudar eu agradeço muito eu ja tentei de varias formas mas nada da certo sera que por eu ter tentado varias vezes eu bloquei alguma coisa obs: todos os procedimentos foram com a bateria 100% e em modo download
    contato Email:gbgivaldo@gmail.com
    givaldo borges

  16. crazyprince says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have samsung galaxy s5 cricket version. It has been factory unlocked. It now running on tmobile network. I have found that all other carrier beside Tmobile has locked boost wifi and mobile Hotspot feature of samsung galaxy s5. Therefore I am interested in flashing my cricket SGS5 to tmobile custom rom. I want to make sure after flashing, the phone remains carrier unlocked, and the boost wifi and mobile Hotspot feature become available? I appreciate your response.

  17. mel says:

    hey there,
    someone gave me a SM-G900F as a gift bought at saudi arabia, and i from the south east asia, i can use all the features of S5 except as a cellular phone..it cannot recognize simcards in our country..technicians suggested bringing back the phone to where it came from because it is regional locked..but no one is going back to saudi..
    could anyone help me figure out how to go about this dilemma with my S5? i want to fully utilize it as a cellular phone and not just like it is some kind of ipad touch or something..
    looking forward for a positive response 🙂 thank you..

  18. chris says:

    I tried rooting my gs5 and it destroyed my laptop.any help would be appreciated

  19. JOSEPH says:

    Hello, I recently bought a T Mobile Galaxy S5 from a guy not from the store and paid in CASH – after he stated that it is UNLOCKED and even though it is from T Mobile it will work on ATT since it is UNLOCKED. And after I bought the phone – I put my ATT Simcard and the phone would not connect to the network. And the person seems like made me Fool 🙁 Kindly provide me your assistance with your knowledge or what can be done with my galaxy S5 in order to somehow make it work with my ATT network.

  20. shawn worrix says:

    I am having problems with a galaxy s5 and wifi I cannot turn it on it is a tmobile phone I am currently running 4. 4. 2 software I was told to get on and LI SD a stock firmware can you lead me in the right direction I guess it is lollipop and I’m trying to go back to the same version of lollipop but this phone is worthless without a wifi connection at this point..it is the only fix known for this problem I cannot even do a software update without wifi can you please help thank you

  21. allen says:

    I’ve an unlocked s5 from AT&T I’m using it on tmobile. The only problem I seem to have is my GPS is really slow.
    Is there anything I can do about it?

  22. daniel malone says:

    I can’t seem to open any of my Google apps to open they all stop before opening o have the s5 thru sprint with it been rooted and having aicp ROM !!! Can u plz for the love of god help me plz

  23. Shagerty says:

    Hey Max longtime fan, thanks for all the years of info. Any knowledge on running a sprint S5 on Boost via flashing a roms or modems? I have a good bit of info one method should work but is a little dicey involving using a boost phone to clone for data then turning that phone off, some use of cdma workshop and all… anyways I want to see if your aware of anything cleaner easier and not involving cloning a phone…. I imagine since the S5 between sprint boost and virgin is the same model hardware wise i should be able to odin flash the boost oem firmware no? I understand boost needs another identifying number and I am wondering if i need sprint to unlock regardless of firmware on device.. any knowledge would be dope. thanks brotha man

  24. mike says:

    I’ve managed to reset my throttled data many times accidently after rooting.. could u tell me how I did it

  25. Sandra says:

    Hi, what is the bettter android version or better performance room for s5?

  26. Donald R. says:

    I have a S5 SM-G900M running Marshmallow 6.0.1
    I’d like to know if it’s already possible to root it and also flash TWRP.
    If there is any link to its procedure, please let me know.
    Thanks n advance! 🙂

  27. Whiff O'Cheese says:

    I bought a chinese galaxy s5 and everytime i turn it on it asks me do i want to call 911. How do i deactivate this feature as it’s really starting to annoy me? Btw i had eggs 4 breakfast if this helps.

  28. SB says:

    I accidentally did a factory reset on my GS5. I’m devastated to have lost text messages and photos and bookmarks that were not backed up. Nothing has been saved in the cloud either. Is there any hope for me restoring them?

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