Stock Rooted Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5!


For those of you who want to enjoy the latest TouchWiz-based Lollipop for your Sprint Galaxy S5, check out either the ported version of international Lollipop or slightly-modded stock rooted Lollipop ROM.

For the ported international version, you will get a working wifi hotspot, working call recording, KNOX removed, call blocking for calls/MMS/video, and modded MMS so your MMS will work out of the box. I actually like this version over the Sprint version because it has zero Sprint bloatware and also you will be able to experience 100% what the international S5 users get. The only thing not working on the ported version is your Wifi Calling so if you must use that feature, I highly suggest to use the Sprint Lollipop instead. The performance and battery life is excellent on this version, I have tested over a week while using it over at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

For the Sprint version, you will get a fully-working wifi hotspot out of the box, call recording, KNOX removed, AdAway app, and very similar to the ported international version but this is based on the official Sprint firmware.  You will find all of your Sprint bloatware on this version along with support for Sprint Wifi-Calling.  This version also may be installed dirty over older stock Sprint ROMs.  In other words, if you are running a stock Sprint TouchWiz ROM, you should be able to install this right over without doing any wipe.

For installation, make sure you flash the latest Android 5.0 bootloader. If you’ve never flashed a TouchWiz-based Lollipop firmware before, you will need to do this in order for the ROM to boot.


Download rooted stock Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5 [international ported version]

Download rooted stock Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5 [Sprint version]

Download Android 5.0 Bootloader TAR (install with ODIN)

*Note – Both of these stock ROMs are for Sprint S5 only!

To install ROM, reboot into CWM or TWRP Recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, and reboot.  If coming from the same firmware (such as installing on Sprint ROM on Sprint S5), you may try skipping wipe data/factory reset but do make a backup ROM!

You MUST also install the Android 5.0 bootloader if you have not installed Android 5.0 TouchWiz firmware before, use ODIN and install the bootloader TAR file in PDA/AP section!!!

Credits – International, Sprint <— Please donate to the developer of these ROMs or hit the Thanks button on XDA, thx!


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47 Responses

  1. Angelique says:

    Hey Max,
    So happy to see you post these, but I have to ask… is there any other somewhat safe way to install the bootloader? Like Mobile Odin Pro or Flashify? I am without access to a windows machine right now and the suspense is killing me! Also, while I’m on the subject of Windows/Odin/etc., I’ve been exploring the web for inexpensive alternatives to replace my Windows machine specifically for this reason and noticed several inexpensive Windows tablets (HP & Dell), would those work to flash with odin? And has anyone found a way to make Chromebooks work?
    Thanks for everything. Been following you for years now.

  2. David says:

    Hello Max and thanks for showing us the ROM, I put it and it’s awesome and working (although sometimes there are bootloops), and that’s why I would like to ask- Is there any preferred kernel you would refer us to?? thank you for your time and your work!!

  3. Chris says:

    How to install the update?? With odin??

  4. Abdul Rafiq says:

    Is there any solution out to unlock Sprint GS5 for international use? My mobile is rooted already.

  5. nick says:

    Should i first flash tge rom and then install the bootloader?

  6. rob says:

    My phone stops working when I”m receiving a call when I”m using wi fi. It says “12.0 dip stopped unexpectedly”. Whats the problem?

  7. don b says:

    I tried flashing the rom and I got stuck on the Samsung logo, is the a more clear install process other than whats in the article

    • nick says:

      I got the same, i pull off the battery, the i power on the device and boot normally. hope it helps you. the only problem i got with te international version is that the gps is not working, im goona install the stock sprint version, and try it.

    • Andrew says:

      yeah my phone is stuck at the samsung screen now. now i gotta figure out how to fix this =/

    • Brian says:

      I had the same issue. I tried both versions Max had available and I could not get beyond the Galaxy S5 boot screen. I am in the process of downloading the official Sprint version from Android Geeks (which uses Odin instead of flashing through Philz) and see if I get better results.

  8. trent says:

    all incoming calls gives me the 12.0 dip error. have to do a battery pull to correct. any fix to this?

  9. arony says:

    The wifi tether dont work with the spring or international on my s5

  10. Jarvis says:

    My google play services are missing now after doing this, i tried getting the apk. it installed and updated but still says its missing and i cant run any app depending on the services for example: Youtube

  11. Ruben says:

    I tried both version of the rom, and both just get me stuck at the galaxy s5 boot screen. Left them to sit for 30 minutes, tried battery pull option, still nothing. Then, when I tried to revert to my backup, nothing would work. Everything would crash, nothing would stay open for use. not even phone. Had to download the stock 4.4.4 firmware and flash that, which took away my custom recovery, and my root. Gonna re root, but these roms didnt work for me. Is there something I did wrong???

  12. Demetri says:

    I always get a modem problem when i install the international version will this happen with the sprint version?

    • planetpuertorico says:

      The international rom was not able to receive calls without locking up the u.i. but the sprint one works

  13. Ronnie says:

    I installed the Sprint version and everything works great except the gps. any suggestions?

    Thank you

  14. Mike says:

    With the sprint version the only issue i’m seeing is the bluetooth not sending the meta to my car stereo. Going to try the internation version to see if the issue persists

  15. Tom Harkins says:

    Anybody’s not seeing the extSD card with the Fusion ROM?

  16. Camilo Cartagena says:

    I installed the ROM but quite often the home button along with the other capacitive buttons stop working!

  17. Ricco says:

    Okay, so where is the rooted 5.0 Lollipop rom for the Verizon Galaxy S5 (SM-G900V)???? Is EVERYBODY waiting for an XDA member to post one??? Let’s work together, people!

  18. Mike D says:

    OK So is there any answer for the 12.0 dip issue on incoming calls? Is it a 5.0 isdue or just this rom?

  19. Ron Carter says:

    I like this ROM. I’m using the Sprint version, not the international version. However, I don’t see a WIFI Calling app anywhere, and it’s not in settings either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  20. Juan Carlos says:

    Hello Max!
    thanks so much for leaving this tutorial, I follow it and everything is was Good, I have been using this ROM for 4 day already , and I have find some issues , but the most is annoying is , when I receive a call and answer it, instead to start talking , is asking me to press 1 to answer the call or press 2 to send to voice mail , and I have try to disable this option, but I can’t find how … I have try to reinstall the ROM and still having same issue, could you please tell us how to fix this issue? please… Thank you so much !

  21. planetpuertorico says:

    This rom has alot of issues both international and sprint versions.
    GPS is not working 100 percent, notification sounds defaults back to whistle, lock screen some how changes itself to asop no wifi calling, still no data while in a call, cant easily switch to older android versions due to bootloader

  22. Olli says:

    Hi Max,

    how can I upgrade to the latest Android version without loosing the root ? I’ve currently Android 5.0 installed.



  23. Kane says:

    Hi max!
    I just wanna notice that the download link for the bootloader is dead.Thanks for your good jobs

  24. Kane says:

    Thanks again.It works

  25. Brian says:

    Stock sprint rom does not have samsung sns provider. Facebook and twitter will not sync.

  26. MJ says:

    After installing this rom i have hotspot/data but no phone access.. “account could not be validated”

  27. Av says:

    Ty Max!

    I did the Sprint version, and now Sprint TV no longer works. I get “carrier error, your carrier or network isn’t supported “. It worked before. Can you please assist?

  28. Brian R. says:

    Are there any updates to these roms?

  29. Roy says:

    OK So is there any answer for the 12.0 dip issue on incoming calls? Is it a 5.0 is due or just this rom?

  30. Andre says:

    how do we lock the bootloader? this site and all these other sites does not have the information to show you how to actually do it. most people are having problems trying to put these recovery menu on Android 5.0 phone because no one gives all the information when it comes to rooting phones

  31. Andre says:

    sorry meant how to unlock the bootloader because there’s no information no where on how to do it

  32. Andre says:

    @Kane that must be my problem I can’t download bootloader using ODIN either.

  33. Al says:

    I have the 12.0 dip issue with incoming calls as well. is there any fix?

  34. Ernest says:

    I tried installing the stock rom after following your root instructions and then custom rom instructions. My phone keeps getting stuck in the booting screen, its not even looping . I have a sprint Sm-G900P

  35. Devin says:

    I need to use the debug feature on my phone to take signal readings for work. This is done by entering ##DEBUG#. I also use ##DATA# to switch band LTE priority (ie. 1900MHz, 800MHz).

    I know when I’ve rooted and loaded custom ROMs on previous phones that these modes were no longer available. Do you know if that is still the case with installing a stock ROM? Or is there is another workaround to get to these modes? I world love to root my phone but cannot lose these features.


  36. Andrew Cifuentes says:

    Confused. I have a plain ol rooted sprint s5 with android 5.0. I want to flash the intl. version above, so i do that with odin then it was stuck on the “samsung galaxy s5” loading screen, so I restarted in cwm to add the bootloader with odin. After that, i got a firmware error telling me to restore it using Kies. That didn’t work, freaking out I may have bricked it. Apparenlty only a soft brick, because even in that screen I was still able to download the original os in odin.
    I’d really appreciate anyone’s input here. This is the first time I’ve rooted a device (just yesterday) and thought i could navigate these instructions, but i need some help. Should I have added the bootloader? Should I have given the phone more time to load in the samsung galaxy s5 loading screen? Please and thankyou.

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