MOAR ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5! [Hotspot/14 Themes/Quad Multi-Window][V2.1]


For this week’s Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P ROM of the Week, check out MOAR ROM!

Based one latest Android 4.4.2 Sprint NE5 firmware, MOAR ROM brings you an excellent combination of features along with tweaked performance/battery life for ultimate S5 experience.

MOAR ROM is also available for Note 3, see here.

MOAR stands for “Mother-of-All-ROMs” and I have personally tried MOAR ROM on many older Galaxy devices like Sprint S3 and the Sprint Note 2.  It is developed by XDA user Rompnit, who is an excellent developer who I have followed for many years and highly recommend MOAR ROM.

This is a great custom ROM for noobs and experience flasholics as you will get more functionality out of your Sprint S5, allowing your phone to be better than others who use stock firmware.

First off, MOAR ROM gives you quad multi-window out of the box with all apps enabled by default.  You can easily get more work done with 4 windows along with the fact that you do not have to use any 3rd-party apps to add your favorite apps to multi-window.

And I know many of you are big on using WiFi Tether/Mobile Hotspot and this ROM has it unlocked out of the box.  Sprint has really good 4G LTE service lately (in my testings with the other 3 major U.S. carriers, especially for upload speeds) and there’s no reason why you shoudn’t take advantage over it just because Sprint locked it.

As for customization of your UI, you will have 14 different themes to choose from, make your phone look like HTC One, Xperia Z2, Xiaomi, or even an iPhone if you are an ex-iWhore.  Not only that, you will find “MOAR Mod Control” in Settings menu that will allow you to change every little detail of your status bar (change battery icon, position of clock, change colors), toggles, lockscreen, Power Menu (add screenshot, flashlight, data), and more.  Call-recording is also enabled by default and MOAR ROM comes with goodies like AdAway app, PIE Controls, and Xposed App Settings app (see link to tutorial under Extra MODs at bottom of this post).

Overall, MOAR ROM represents stock Sprint firmware on steroids.  If you are still running stock ROM, you are definitely missing out so definitely give this ROM a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

Download MOAR ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P v2.1 [Latest]
Download MOAR ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P v1.0

To install ROM, reboot into CWM or TWRP Recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, and reboot.  If coming from the same firmware (such as installing on Sprint ROM on Sprint S5), you may try skipping wipe data/factory reset but do make a backup ROM!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developers of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Extra MODs:

Want latest Android L Preview Keyboard?  See How to Install Android L Preview Keyboard on rooted Android!

Need Flash Player?  See How to Install Flash Player on Galaxy S5!

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

Don’t know how to use Private Mode?  See How to Use Private Mode on Galaxy S5!

Don’t know what Xposed App Settings app does? See our video demo below or see our full Xposed App Settings app review.

Don’t know what LMT Pie does? See our video demo below or see our full LMT Pie review.


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82 Responses

  1. ah2zee says:

    Max you the man! Been waiting for this rom for S5 . bout to install and i let u know what i think. Is there any other roms out there for S5 for sprint. I been looking on xda but haven’t seen any i trust to use yet.

  2. ah2zee says:

    so far runs great no freeze very fast. very stable. easy install…

    hey, Max any idea how to make the record call feature to work?

  3. champ says:

    How is the camera on this ROM?

  4. Mark says:

    Any one else having issues with IR blaster? Seems to be failing even after 4 different app tests.

  5. Markro85 says:

    I love the ROM. My only concerns are that private mode won’t work, and I can’t adjust the iso in my camera settings. Other than that it’s great.

  6. michael says:

    My multitasking key stopped working. Did anyone else notice this? It just pulls up options to change home screen and home screen settings. Is there another way to clear recent apps that im missing?

  7. mike says:

    I was wondering if I could downgrade my android OS I don’t like Kit Kat

  8. mike says:

    I was wondering if I can downgrade my galaxy s5 Android OS I don’t like Kit Kat

  9. ah2zee says:

    This rom been has good! No complaints. Is it me but I havent got the record call to work yet. Has anyone got it to work?

    Hey Max Do you or anyone know how to use the internet while u on the phone for the sprint version?

  10. reubino says:

    How can I change the function of my recent tabs capacitive button on the MOAR rom? I Noticed the Stock music apk is gone and I think it has something to do with viper eq being able to work or something.
    Also Wifi calling does not work out the box. it seems to want to update with the sprint network… Anyway I can get it working? Other than that this Rom is Great!

    • joey says:

      You must goto moar settings and then you can putt the recent button at the tob of your notification ba. Under notification pulldown options I think

  11. reubino says:

    Private mode also is missing from my app toggles and wont work when I go to turn it on. Is it supposed to be disabled? Only other thing I would like is a faster camera application because all the camera apps still open the camera super slow even with this roms cam apk… maybe its a hardware issue… Suggestions, if any?

  12. Andrew says:

    I do like this rom. The only thing I do not like is that there seems to be no way to access the recent app function. Holding down the home button or menu button no longer facilitates this function which i find annoying. If anyone finds a way to change their function to bring back this function please share it with the group.

    • Andrew says:

      There is a setting that puts a recent app button in the pulldown but it’s much more inconvenient that being able to push the capacitive button or holding down the home button.

    • Greg says:

      It’s a default option when you activate PIE controls

  13. Greg says:

    Has anyone had success with Download Booster? Just tried it for the first time and it works but LTE network ironically becomes “slow”, until I turn DL Booster off again.

  14. markaro85 says:

    Ah2zee, the sprint network will not let you use the both call and data at the same time. That only worked with the s3. Reubino, i also noticed that the private mode is disabled.

  15. Tiago Mendonca says:

    Hi, This ROM can remove sprint lock for international use?? Im in Brazil, and the mobile cant recognize my chip, but it id the operators (VIVO, TIM, CLARO, OI). there’s a icon where it says about the sym, it is called phone (apk). Can it bo modified?

    • Max Lee says:

      I don’t think so, for international use, I do recommend getting another S5 like AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, they are much easier to work with.

  16. Damien Botello says:

    Wont work :(.
    I get it to work for 20 minutes then it’ll say
    ” Unfortunately, has stopped.” and it keeps flashing and doing this.

  17. Larry says:

    Does this work for safestrap

  18. Reubino says:

    Is there an update for MOAR ROM yet or if there will be future updates where can we check for them? I’ve read on YouTube comments there mite be a 1.1 version out.

    • Max Lee says:

      I always leave credits to the original creator of the ROM, see Credits next time but you can try here:

  19. markro85 says:

    Max, i could really use your help. I downloaded an extra zip for the moar rom 1.1 to bring the recent button back to stock. I installed it using cwm and nothing happened. Did I do something wrong?

  20. Reubino says:

    Yeah the remap for the recents button do3snt work for me either. But I did do a dirty flash of the 1.1. And maybe thats why a few things dnt work such as that.

  21. alex says:

    Hey I’ve already unlock the hotspot but can I still install this rom without no problem?

  22. Mike says:

    Hi Max, I just rooted my first phone thanks to you! Question, do I need to flash Gapps for this rom? If so, which one or how can I find it?

  23. Woody says:

    Great site, great tutorials! Old man here playing in a young mans world:) Mushy brain needs advice:

    Followed tutorials, got rooted and got hotsport working.

    Wanting to try new ROM and think MOAR might be the one. It was asked before and I also wonder if I need GAPPS? If I do, you have suggestion and link to download?

    Many thanks for your tutorials. Easiest I have to follow.

  24. Tom says:

    Will this Rom work for g900r?

  25. L WhiteRaven says:

    Been using this rom for 2 weeks, it runs great love the battery life, and the quad multi window is fantastic. And xposed makes it even more amazing. My only issues are why the recent button is no longer recent apps. Its proven to be very time consuming and almost reverses all the great speedy tweaks this rom dishes out. Also my in camera gallery doesnt redirect me to my pics but I think that was on me. If there is a mod to switch the recent button back to recent apps anywhere could someone help us all out and post it? Thanks

    • ah2zee says:

      To all the people that worry about the recent button.. I give you a tip. All I did is added the recent button to my pie button made my pie control to activate from the bottom so now all I do is bring up pie and recent button right there. Actually I like it better doing it this way.

  26. Rubye says:

    Finally i quit my regular job, now i earn a lot of money online you
    should try too, just type in google – slabs roulette system

  27. Haris says:

    Will this rom work on my exynos international version? SM-G900H

  28. stalker6140 says:

    Any fix for the Wi-Fi calling? The airave system doesn’t work on the S5 so calling is bleak here in the Silicon Valley. Other than that, excellent rom.

  29. Angel says:

    Hi.Max great job you do,I have instal this Rom and is beautiful,finally I get to play with all the setting I need and want and not with the setting Samsung want you to have.So far the only thing I have found that it does not work is the screen mirroring option. do you know of a fix for this.The Rom is great.Thanks

  30. John says:

    Really Digging the ROM. It’s my Daily driver!! The only thing I regret is not doing the Backup from 1st rooting to a Stock Root Rom. One issue I am having is that the S Health application. It will start to restore, go to 100 percent and just stay there.

    My original problem was that after the installation of the Hotspot application everything started to get hosed, HeealthService was forece closing and Context as well so i decided to go clean fresh installation of the MOAR ROM and Thus Far I am LOVING IT!!

    Keep up the great work. Will you please put out a tutorial on the best settings for the ROM and Device and discuss more features of the ROM?

    Thanks MAX U DAH BOMB!

    • Derrick says:

      Does your slow motion or fast motion video recording work? I just realized mine doesnt work anymore. This Rom is amazing but thats the only thing I’ve noticed

  31. Allen says:

    Is there a rom for the g900p with selinux is set to premissive

    • Allen says:

      i have followed every instruction and rooted phone and all that jazz just need to know how to get selinux to premissive now. the selinux changer app does not work for me.

  32. Derrick says:

    Does anyone slow motion or fast motion video recording work? I just realized mine doesnt work anymore. This Rom is amazing but thats the only thing I’ve noticed

  33. michael says:

    A feature that i want since a long time is the volume down to take a picture on the go like the flashlight on volume up is there a way to do it for the moment?

  34. Raffaele says:

    If i install this rom my warranty will be lost? My galaxy s5 has the root privilege with knox 0x0 (Thanks “towelroot”)

  35. troy says:

    Awesome rom great work only issue I have is no flash toggle on my camera nor effects option both missing from settings any fix for this

  36. adiii says:

    can i installed moar rom in myu galaxy s5 sm-g906L

  37. ozzie says:

    has anyone experienced any problems surfing and talking on the Galaxy s5 from Sprint

  38. Mike George says:

    Love this ROM, I’ve been using it since September and never looked back. Curious with the Android 5.0 roll out for Galaxy S5’s if MOAR ROM development will be far behind with a newer version. Can’t seem to find official word anywhere so I came back to the source that introduced me to MOAR. Sprint Galaxy S5, USA.

  39. Robert says:

    I just installed a few days ago and it is working very fast and smooth. The only bug I’ve noticed is the battery percentage not coming back after a reboot. After each reboot, I have to go into settings, where I find it already checked, then uncheck and recheck battery percentage again before it will show. Is this common or is there a fix?

  40. John says:

    Max are there any updates on the MOAR rom?? I am using it as my daily driver are there any rev updates ?

  41. matt says:

    Max they released the 2.2 version. For those looking for it its on xda developers page

  42. ah2zee says:

    i just try to install the new 2.2 version but it wont install. It just keep flashing android on my phone. any info on the new 2.2. max?

  43. Alex says:

    Just installed MOAR on my Sprint S5..good job! One problem though, can’t open pictures from the camera app. Other picture apps work fine (gallery, quickpick, etc). Any thoughts?

  44. Ron Carter says:

    Just a heads up. MOAR 2.2 works fine for the most part, but there is at least one bug I’ve found. If you install the Ktoonnsez kernel when you flash it, it removes the roaming settings. The workaround is to install MOAR 2.2 with the stock kernel, then flash the Ktoonsez kernel separately. I hope that helps. 🙂

  45. Damien says:

    How do you install the updated version of the MOAR rom if you have the previous version?

  46. Ron Carter says:

    Just download the zip, open your custom recovery, choose install from zip, then choose the keep it dirty option. However, I prefer to just install it clean, as Google will then automatically download and install my apps automatically. I only do that because I’m not sure how well flashing over a previouis version of MOAR works. Maybe the developers will find a way to make it an OTA update someday. I hope that helps. 🙂

  47. anthony says:

    How do I get the recent app button to start working again?

  48. Sean says:

    I just bought my sprint galaxy s5 last week and the first thing I did was root it and install this rom. I have 2 issues but I also have the solution for everybody that wants the recent menu back.

    Here is the fix:
    1. Open the app MOAR Mod Control
    2. Buttons And Display
    3. Customize Buttons
    4. Left Capacitive Key
    5. Toggle Set Recent/Menu
    6. Same screen select Longpress Left Key and select Menu

    Now for my 2 issues:
    1. My IR Blaster is not working. I have tried multiple apps, it worked perfectly fine before I installed this rom. I would really like to use this feature because my kids keep losing the TV remote weekly.

    2. When I open my camera app, it glitches, then changes the color of everything. I found a temporary fix, if I click on the settings and select any of the settings it returns the color of everything to normal. It doesn’t matter which setting I toggle, they all return the camera to normal until I exit the camera app then return to it.

    • Shaheer says:

      How did u install the rom i got a sprint s5 g900p and after i install the phone freezes on the startup screen please help me what do i do

  49. mike says:

    Any plans to update for MOAR 6.0?

  50. Patrick says:

    I attempted to install this ROM…wiped everything then installed, not rooted, it refused to boot into the ROM, using the stock kernel, it did not load any animations, using the other one, it gave the animation and went into a boot cycle.

  51. Tommy says:

    Moar rom sprint galaxy s5 android L support????

  52. Robert says:

    I’ve previously updated my Sprint galaxy S5 to Lollipop version 5.0. Can I still install an use this version of MOAR?

  53. Goldenoptic says:

    Does anyone have a fix for error 491 from the Google Play store. Should I just try to install Gapps for my S5.

  54. steve says:

    Max, when is the new file going to be posted to unlock hotspot on sprint s5 with build OK4.

  55. Kevin says:

    Will this work on s5 that is already on android 6.0.1 firmware?

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