MOAR Lollipop ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5 w/ 2.8Ghz OC!

For those of you who want the best and great of Lollipop for your Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P, you may want to just consider installing the latest MOAR Lollipop ROM by XDA user Rompnit.

FYI, I have been following MOAR ROM for many years now since MOAR ROM with Sprint S3.  Well, this is a custom ROM made by one of the best Android developers on earth so you cannot go wrong with it.

Based on latest Android 5.0 Sprint TouchWiz firmware, MOAR ROM brings you almost every MOD you thought was possible, and all of this without breaking speed nor stability of your S5.

As for performance, the MOAR Lollipop ROM comes with a highly-modded TouchWiz launcher that’s super-fast out of the box and gives you additional options like 5×4 grid so you can put more apps (and makes more sense for most of us).  The UI itself is quite fast also, you can clearly notice the speed going from a stock Lollipop ROM to the MOAR ROM.


Need for MOAR speed?

No worries, MOAR ROM has got that covered to as you have the option to install with KTweaker kernel with support for overclocking to 3.072Ghz.  Now, I have not been able to actually overclock at 3Ghz stable as I think it really is hard to do (if you find a way, let me know) but at 2.8Ghz, I have been able to run fine.


MOAR Mod Control

MOAR ROM’s core feature is the ability to customize your phone to the fullest.  Through MOAR ROM Control, you will be able to fully customize your status bar, notification bar, lockscreen, Power Menu (add native screen recording, screenshot, etc…etc…), triple-tap Home button customization (yes, that’s TRIPLE TAP!), music controls, and much much more.  I could probably write 10 pages of features of this ROM but you may want to try them all out yourself on a free weekend.



Overall, MOAR ROM is near perfect in terms of Lollipop custom ROM with performance boost, overclocking, and endless number of customization.  So, definitely give this guy a go this week(end) if you have Sprint S5 and do let me know how much(y) you like it!


Download MOAR Lollipop ROM for Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P – Link

Download Android 5.0 Bootloader TAR (install with ODIN) – Link

*Note – Both of these stock ROMs are for Sprint S5 only!

To install ROM, reboot into CWM or TWRP Recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, and reboot.  If coming from the same firmware (such as installing on Sprint ROM on Sprint S5), you may try skipping wipe data/factory reset but do make a backup ROM!

You MUST also install the Android 5.0 bootloader if you have not installed Android 5.0 TouchWiz firmware before, use ODIN and install the bootloader TAR file in PDA/AP section!!!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of these ROM or hit the Thanks button on XDA, thx!

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