X-Note ROM For Galaxy S5! [SM-G900F/G900I/G900T/G900W8]


For this week’s Galaxy S5 ROM of the Week, check out X-Note ROM by XDA user Soloilmeglio! He is an excellent developer who has been making some excellent custom ROMs for many other Samsung phones in the past like the Note 2, Note 3, and the S4.

Based on European SM-G900F KitKat Android 4.4.2 TouchWiz firmware, X-Note ROM brings you some nice customization along with DPI Switcher (run phone UI in Phone/Tablet/custom DPI).

This ROM can be installed on European (SM-G900F), Asian (SM-900I), T-Mobile (SM-G900T), Canadian (SM-G900W8), and probably any other Qualcomm-based GSM Galaxy S5.

Inside X-Note ROM, you will find X-Note Control app which allows you to do stuff like enable Quad multi-window (so you can have 4 multi-windows), disable ads, change battery icon, change status bar/notification panel colors, enable extra quick toggles, boost sound levels (great for using phone as speaker), and some more.  There’s even an “Air Wake” feature that allows you to wake up your S5 using the Air Sensor. (I haven’t got it to work yet but do let me know if you do.)

Overall, X-Note ROM is a lot of fun to play with and definitely going to get your Galaxy S5 up to speed with custom ROM development.  We are still in early stages of ROM development but X-Note seems to be on a great start and a great custom ROM to get started without Knox and bloatware.

For T-Mobile S5 users, you will get additional benefit of having fully-unlocked Wifi Tether while Wifi-Calling will not work because this is an international ROM.

If some of these features entice you, definitely give this ROM a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download X-Note ROM for Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F/SM-G900I/SM-G900T/SM-G900W8)

Credits – Soloilmeglio @XDA  <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


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46 Responses

  1. Pedro Estima says:

    Hi Max.

    Can I use it on G900M?


  2. Matt Hamilton says:

    Hey what’s up guys, count me in on your newsletter list. Stoked I stumbled upon your site, hey for x note ROM do I need to be flashing it from a STOCK, rooted state? I ask because I currently have root with Shohat Rom V4 and don’t wanna muff tings up. I have the SM-G900T (t-mobile), thank you bro

  3. Matt says:

    Hey max I downloaded an installed it on the sprint g900p it worked good just no sprint services. Any suggestions???

  4. James W says:

    Very good rom. I was running this rom on sprints galaxy s5 but I could text/call out. It says no service. Other than that this rom is legit.

  5. khader says:

    Is there a way too get HD calling working?

  6. Alistaire says:

    loving the Rom…sick 🙂 great start

  7. alistaire says:

    Hey Max air awake works on my phone…pretty cool 🙂 … g900f international version

  8. Nick says:

    is the Link the latest update?.. in rom under xnote update it acts like there is an update yet its the same 1.1

  9. allan says:

    would this rom work for g900a?

  10. amir says:

    Hey i have screen problems after i installed the rom. I have to tap on the back of the phone in order for the screen to turn on. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      not sure but that sounds like something wrong with the hardware. Double-check if it happens with stock ROM first.

  11. samdroid says:

    does not show 4glte icon only 4g can anyone fix this

    • thi says:

      having the same issue…. anyone found a fix to this?

      • Max Lee says:

        That just depends on the ROM, check Settings->About Phone and see if you are getting 4G LTE. Some ROM developers use 4G and some use 4G LTE but they both get 4G LTE.

  12. Lali says:

    After flashing on T-mobile samsung galaxy s 5 no Internet. I have tried many times and also added apn for internet but no luck. Can u please fix. Thank you

  13. Brian says:

    Is this rom compatible with the verizon s5 version

    • admin says:

      I think it boots but network doesn’t work I believe. There may be a way to make it work though in the future.

  14. mtchpr says:

    Works great in my Unlocked T-Mobile S5 version (I use other services provider).

  15. marinos says:

    runs like a charm.the best of the best

  16. Rodrigo says:

    For SM-G900M ???

  17. alex says:

    I cant get international tethering to work and the 4 way window wont work either i have tmobile G900T help please?

  18. justin says:

    Is there any way to get this working on the G900A?

  19. justin says:

    There is a way to get this working on at&t. Someone on xda gave a outline of what they did. You need to delete the aroma installer files and place them in other places depending on where they go. This is because aroma does not work with safestrap. Then you have to modify one other file or something and it should work. If someone would like to guide me through this process or make a download for me I would be more than happy. I really want this rom. Thanks

  20. dave says:

    For everyone having issues with data after installing roms. Check your apn settings, one in particular apn protocol..make sure for t-mobile it’s ipv4, every time I flash a new rom I have no data connection until I change that to ipv4. Hope this helps someone

  21. cristian says:

    I have it in gs5w8 it works awesome and it does only show 4g no lte but thats
    Cosmetic only cause on speedtests its going 36mb download and 9mb upload
    Im on claro pr thanks 4 the rom its the best.

  22. John says:

    Can i use this rom in G900M ( from Brasil)
    i really like this rom x-note and i wanna have it, but my Galaxy S5 it s G900M

  23. miko-hm@hotmail.com says:

    Hi max! Does this rom works for galaxy SM-G900H?

  24. Kaka says:

    Hi Max,

    How can I download a newer version build 5.0. I installed the version build 1.1 which I donwloaded from the link on this page. It seems that XDA page on X-Note doesn’t provide links to a newer version. It only appears as Download Link but when you click on it, it shows nothing.


  25. prediksi togel says:

    Hi max …

    Can I use it on G900H ??????

  26. coul says:

    I tried a lot of rom on my s4/s5 and this one is just PERFECT !!!!!!

  27. Corries says:

    Hi. Can any one tell me how good is the battery life on the note x-rom?? I don’t want to waste time downloading and flashing it if i need to charge the phone every 4 hours afterwards…..

  28. Hemang says:

    can i use this rom in g900h?

  29. Niyat Patel says:

    my phone(G900F) stuck in boot animation…what should i do now….???

  30. manto says:

    yess i think this is a good info
    thank you

  31. John says:

    When I unplug charger I get black screen. I have to remove and re install battery for screen to come on.

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