Twi5ted Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S5!

For those of you who want to enjoy Lollipop to the fullest with stable 2.764Ghz overclocking and super-fast UI, try the latest Twi5ted Lollipop ROM by XDA user The Sickness and the Deviant Team.


Based on latest Android 5.0 T-Mobile firmware, the Twi5ted Lollipop ROM is the fastest TouchWiz S5 ROM I have ever tried!  And it can be installed on T-Mobile, Canadian, SM-G900F, and most other S5 with Qualcomm CPU.


Out of the box, Twi5ted Lollipop ROM is so fast, you wouldn’t believe it was TouchWiz.  In fact, this is faster than most AOSP ROMs like CM12.  The ROM also comes with 2.764Ghz overclocking out of the box so you don’t have to mess with overclock settings.  With that, I was able to score near 48,000 on Antutu, which is pretty good.



The Twi5ted ROM also comes with 400 different system fonts you can easily switch to using the system font menu along with 14 different TouchWiz themes you can switch. Other notable features include 3Minit battery mod for custom battery icons, Viper4Android for tweaking your sound, working private mode, unlocked wifi tether, new lockscreen effects, and some more.

Overall, this is one of the best custom ROMs on the Galaxy S5 that’s going to blow your mind away with its blazingly-fast speeds, so definitely give this guy a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Twi5ted Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S5 (T-Mobile, Canadian, SM-G900F, and other S5 with Qualcomm CPU)

*Note – DO NOT INSTALL on Galaxy S5 with Exynos CPU, you WILL HARD BRICK!!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

To install ROM, reboot into CWM or TWRP Recovery, make a backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, and reboot.  If coming from the same firmware (such as installing on Sprint ROM on Sprint S5), you may try skipping wipe data/factory reset but do make a backup ROM!

Update – No bootloader update is required!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of these ROM or hit the Thanks button on XDA, thx!

Extra MODs:

Need Flash Player?  See How to Install Flash on Android Lollipop!

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

Don’t know how to use Private Mode?  See How to Use Private Mode on Galaxy S5!

Don’t know what Xposed App Settings app does? See our video demo below or see our full Xposed App Settings app review.

Don’t know what LMT Pie does? See our video demo below or see our full LMT Pie review.

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51 Responses

  1. coul says:

    Where can i find the Android 5.0 bootloader?

    • coul says:

      Just found it

  2. coul says:

    I’m trying to install the bootloader with odin but it fails every times, any ideas?
    I have a canadian model.


  3. The Sickness says:

    Thanks for the write up bro…….One of my users linked this in my thread.

  4. Hanif says:

    When I installed this ROM I get no DATA
    I am on Bell Canadian S5

  5. ben says:

    I installed this rom but i get no data im on T-mobile

  6. Grzegorz says:

    same problem. My g900F after update lost data connection. TELE 2 NL. I set APN and nothing working. Data icon also is not availalbe. Search other ROM

  7. jose hernandez says:

    Hey does anyone know if this will work with the us cellular varint of the gs5 SM-G900R4 if you do could you please let me know, thanks in advance.

  8. Ralph says:

    Hi All, for most of you all who have network signal problems. please see Castle2k’s reco ( (It works on my signal/network issue)

    *Do a full wipes Ex: Clean to install new rom [Philz Recovery]
    *In TWRP select to advance, wipe cache, data, and system…then do a fresh installation of the rom
    *After the first boot do not accept UELA Diagnostic….. And you won’t get any bug at all…

    Been using this custom rom since April 3 and I like it..

  9. Billy says:

    I’ve installed this but I cant get to my private media anymore. When I try to enable it it just replies with “Failed to enable Private Mode. Please try again”.

    Any help appreciated

  10. cj says:

    How do I get the unrestricted tether to work? I got capped using this ROM.

  11. Paul says:

    I have just rooted both my 900F ‘s after several factory resets lol.
    I have SU & TWRP installed also busy box.
    My question is how do I flash the rom Twi5ted.
    Do I down load it and use odin3 to flash it over ?.
    Any advise would be helpful


    • paul says:

      Nailed it guys.
      could not get the TWRP to run correctly, so i went with the CMR method.
      ” getting down with the sickness”
      o i am so going to enjoy this


  12. Brian says:

    If I unlock a tmobile phone and take it to ATT, would I still be able to use Tmobile roms?

  13. Anthony says:

    After I Rooted My Metro Pcs S5 I Cant Move My Music From My Internal Storage to My Sd Card Anymore. Evrry time I try to move my music to my sd it just closes and the song stays in my internal storage it says SuperSU Denies Access How Can I Fix This?

  14. Danny says:

    Will this work with g900a safeatrap?

  15. Hatric says:

    Does this include T-Mobile’s wifi-calling?

  16. CanadianFido says:

    Even thought I applied the correct APN settings for Fido, my phone continually was bouncing in and out of service, rendering the phone useless…..anyway to correct this?

  17. CanadianFido says:

    got it working…had to go to deny for the data usage agreement thing

  18. bang_on says:

    Been using this for months now and one thing I noticed lately, that when you use the camera for video, the cpu gets really hot and it stopped it from recording. You can still take pictures, but not videos.
    Any one has the same issues? any work around? i’d like to keep using this ROM, would appreciate any advise on this. cheers

  19. widek says:

    hi i have a question . anybody knows haw to replace the ugly dialing /answering pad to the original from Samsung looks like. thanks

    • alljst4fn says:

      I have the same question but I don’t think there is any way of changing the look. I’ve looked into it and I couldn’t find any way in doing so unless you switch to an aosp rom. I don’t want to do this because I don’t want to lose Samsung features like finger print scanner. I’m hoping they update to 5.1 soon because one is supposed to be able to change the color scheme on dialer and contacts.

      • alljst4fn says:

        Just found this. If you go here- you will find updates and if you scroll down you will find extras. I added TWI5TED**LOLLIPOP**THE DARKNESS which got rid of that bright white keypad and contacts list, and flashlight and extra toggles. Hope this helps you out.

  20. Eric says:

    is this compatible with the SM-G900H?
    please, i need help

  21. David says:

    Version 6 was just released and it is awesome. Max check it out. Anyone having issues check out the XDA thread on the rom

  22. Daniel Kingsbury says:

    Loving this ROM! I’ve tried every one on this page and this is my favorite. It has everything I want, minus everything I don’t want. Excellent job! If there’s any updated ROMS similar to twisted, or an updated version of this one please let me know!

  23. Graham says:

    Anybody else having issues with Link2SD? The reason I rooted my phone and installed the Twi5ted Lollipop ROM was so I could link apps to the external storage, however, as soon as I do the phone slows down and starts to crash.

  24. JAmes says:

    It Works on SM- G 900M

  25. warby says:

    I love this Rom but my international G900f always switches to factory mode and disables WiFi.

    I have tried the efs folder using efs file explorer with root enabled and the folder is empty.

    Anyone able to help me?


  26. David says:

    Just downloaded this and I love it! ! Works like a charm and super fast right out of the box without me having to make any adjustments! !

  27. David says:

    I can’t send or receive mms on my t-mobile s5. Any hints to fix?

    • Daniel Kingsbury says:

      I have the same problem. I’m going to try a newer version tonight to see if it helps. A few comments up I asked about newer versions and there’s a reply with a link there

    • Daniel Kingsbury says:

      OK so I tried the newer version and still having the same problem with small messages… I still recommend updating to version 7 though. There’s some pretty cool stuff added. I will keep looking for a fix, if you find anything please reply here so I can use it as well

  28. David says:

    What version is this? And what is the latest version?

  29. Henning says:

    Has anyone tried it on the AT&T SM-G900A or had any issues with this phone?

  30. JAGJIWAN says:

    i have glaxy S5 SM–G900H . i want to install a custom ROM. please help me out which rom is available

  31. Romario says:

    I installed rom but it keeps rebooting to recovery please help.

  32. dudz says:

    when im installing this rom my the modelname changed
    current name is g900i when im flash it became g900t
    how to back again in g900i?

  33. beegee says:

    How can i add the quick toogle for data,, its missing,, please help,, thanks in advance

  34. Adolfo says:

    Hi , thanks for this rom for s5, but I like the suits that A Web Developer for s5 active, I and installed flashing as this one sa custom kernel and activate your boot loader and ROM starts but quite unstable . please

    hola, gracias por esta rom para el s5, pero me gustaria que un desarr la adapte para el s5 active, yo la e instalado tal y como esta flashing un custom kernel del sa active y su gestor de arranque y la rom inicia pero bastante inestable. por favor

  35. Diego says:

    call recording apps don’t work, is it a known issue?
    its a galaxy s5 t mobile.

  36. Arron says:

    I have been running this for about 3 weeks now and i have the issue that the OS is slow….. i know the samsung OS has similar issues. i have wiped the chase and also reinstalled both work for about a day or two then the phone slows down…. its the apps mostly.. say facbook can take ages to open….

    Anyone know of a fix or are having the same issues?

  37. blake says:

    After a few days it says su binary not found. So i can’t access root.

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