Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5! [Fingerprint/Marshmallow]


If you are still on older Lollipop or older Marshmallow ROM, you should definitely check out the latest Resurrection Remix ROM as it brings a ton of new features your Galaxy S5 needs.

Based on latest Android 6.0.1, the Resurrection Remix ROM gives you full fingerprint support.  Not only that, it makes it better than stock TouchWiz since fingerprint works without having to turn the screen on.  Simply swipe your finger and your phone will unlock, just like newer Nexus 6P or 5X.  I find this alone worth installing the ROM.


Antutu scores on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow: 49,340

Performance is also excellent on this ROM, bringing you all the new speed enhancements of Marshmallow.  Antutu scores are very high scoring near 50K (that’s performance of a stock Note 4 which has faster processor) and most importantly, the ROM is fast when using it.


But the fun doesn’t stop there, unlike CM13, Resurrection Remix brings you an endless number of customization that you can play with all day long (literally).  Customizing your status bar, notification drawer, quick settings panel, navigation bar, recents, and simply having the best AOSP customization is backed right into the ROM.


Feeling like you want to use unlock pattern with more security?  Check out 6×6 unlock patterns you can use to really get a secure pattern unlock.



This ROM is also supported by most Qualcomm-based Galaxy S5 including T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8, international SM-G900F/I/M, Sprint SM-G900P, US Cellular SM-G900R4, and Developer’s Edition of Verizon SM-G900V.  So, definitely give this ROM a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8, international SM-G900F/I/M

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for Sprint SM-G900P

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for Developer’s Edition of Verizon SM-G900V

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for US Cellular SM-G900R4

Installation Instructions:

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install SuperSU and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See How to Install Marshmallow Custom ROM using TWRP!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!



Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I have no Play Store!
A: Make sure you install Gapps zip file in TWRP or CWM Recovery!!!  Download link in this post above.

Q: I am getting Status 7 error in CWM/TWRP!
A: Sometimes, ROM developers put restrictions by accident, you can try this guide to get around it.

Q: I have no root access!
A: Missing root?  See How to Enable Root on CM13!

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63 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    It’s so sad to own a G900H..

  2. Christopher Quigley says:

    The rom is running “properly” but it randomly reboots. How can i solve the issue???

  3. Matt Bowler says:

    Can I install this with Safestrap?

  4. Haider says:

    The ROM keeps on rebooting. Wasn’t this severe in the start, but is now currently stuck in a bootloop.

  5. Jibran Raza says:

    It keeps getting stuck in boot loops after like 5 seconds after unlock.

  6. Piet says:

    How to install it on a g900h??

  7. RANDY says:

    It will boot on my g900p but i get kernel is not seandriod enforcing error and none of the google apps are installed i have followed your instructions and watched your video

  8. Steve says:

    Is there a Verizon solution?

  9. Apple says:

    Stuck in bootloop on my g900p. Flashed after a clean wipe (including system). Tried re-flashing (clean) 3 times. Tried letting the phone sit in the loop for ~10 minutes to see if it was just taking its time on its first boot. No go.

  10. MrEdaa says:

    Reboots, reboots, and reboots, it’s a cool rom, but the rebots are very boring D:

  11. Haider says:

    Mine works okay now. Do this if you’d like, it worked for me

    Wipe data entirely for installation of new stock rom
    Flash ROM
    Flash gapps
    Go to factory reset and choose clear data/factory reset or whatever similar option is there.
    Flash SuperSU
    Clear Cache

    Worked like a charm for me. I’m using this rom as I type this, and it’s absolutely amazing. Also, once you install it be sure to check for updates. Install any updates as well, using the custom recovery. I wiped Dalvik Cache, the cache partiton, and then flashed the updated zip file.

    It’s been working amazing ever since. With the exception of one or two minor bugs.

  12. Nwab says:

    Hi does anyone have a link to download the correct gapps for this one?

    running on a G900F. Have downloaded the Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8, international SM-G900F/I/M

    Haider what are the minor bugs ?

    many thanks


  13. Nwab says:

    Don’t worry found the right gapps now and have Remix up and running will let you know how it goes :))

    • Haider says:

      Hi. I’m using these gapps and they’re working okay

      Well. The fingerprint sensor sometime doesn’t work from the lockscreen. Like. 1 in 10 or 15 times, randomly. You then either have to input your backup password, or open the camera or tap “dial an emergency call” and then retry the fingerprint scanner. When I saay it “doesn’t work” I mean it fails to recognize any input of data for the fingerprint being scanned. It’s something I’m sure they’ll fix in the next build or maybe the one after that.

  14. Scott says:

    What launcher or how do you get your app drawer like it is in video

  15. Scott says:

    I don’t ever seen to have issues with installing Roms…’s the customising I lack knowlage and execution of lol love this ROM snappy and finally no longer an omega driver

  16. Nwab says:

    HI, Feedback as promised in my earlier message.
    Have now had the ‘Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8, international SM-G900F/I/M’ up and running now for 24 hours.
    First impressions are WOW what a good rom! The UI is really smooth and quick, the customization is fantastic, (more tweaks than one person can handle J ).
    That all said there seems to be the inherent problem faced by most Samsung S5’s at the moment. The dreaded random reboot!! I tried various methods while flashing the software on to the phone but always ended up with the rebooting problem. At a guess I would say the developers have taken a stock S5 rom and upgraded it, taking the reboot glitch with it.
    Sad really. This rom could be one of the best I tried to date if not for the reboot problem L
    Software used:- on a Intl SM-G900F Galaxy S5
    Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8, international SM-G900F/I/M
    I’d be interested for any suggestion re. different Gapps or SuperSU to use? And will give that a go.
    Have scrapped this one for now 🙁

    • GP says:

      Use the last Super SU, here:
      (Please, disregard the title of the link, it is the last one, [BETA][2016.05.19] SuperSU v2.74 as from today 19 June 2016) It works for me.

  17. Marwan Ahmmed says:

    hi where is the gaps zip. ..?…..?….

  18. Jo says:

    Well, my biggest mistake is that I own sm-g900h. . .

  19. Jesus says:

    se reinicia demasiado la rom esta muy chida pero tiene ese error

  20. enrique says:

    i have some issues:
    random reboots.
    the keyboard sometimes go down 2 or 3 times while im using it then i can use it normally
    the videos pause by it self

  21. Kevin says:

    Anyone having trouble with APS’s?? I can’t add any.

  22. Chad says:

    What gapps did you anyone successfully use with this custom rom? running sm-g900w8

  23. blackfunny says:

    Hi, Anybody can help me to fix on “starting app”. It can’t get into the setup page after i had flash it.

    • Chad says:

      I cant find much information on this, have you started flashing after OTA marshmallow update? I”m wondering since it wasnt released that long ago if maybe the bootloader is a different version, I am having the same issue, and if I shut it off after starting app shows, It stays in a boot loop

  24. Chad says:

    I have been trying to flash to sm g900w8 and no matter what gapps i use, including the successful ones listed in this thread, my phone stops at starting apps, cant seem to find any forums online for it, any ideas? It does have the message Kernel is not seandroid enforcing during first boot screen

  25. Azfer says:

    Hello chad …..can you please try flashing the rom without Gapps ……….and tell me how it went??

  26. umer says:

    i installed the Bank dynamics Gapps but it is saying “Unfortunately Google play services has stopped working” plz help…………………………..:(

  27. umer says:

    i installed the Bank dynamics Gapps but it is saying “Unfortunately Google play services has stopped working” plz help…………………………..:( i also tried micro but to no avail

  28. Andy says:

    I was stuck at the step to flash recovery for a while. I realized I needed to remove the battery immediately after flashing and that did the trick. Also had random reboots, but those were resolved with setting the dialer as the default app. The only issue now is that the timezone keeps resetting to GMT for some unknown reason. I have set it to manual date and time for now. But if anyone know more, please help. 🙂 As always, thanks MAX!!!

  29. Michel says:

    Any one had problems on bluetooth stop working many times???

    • David says:

      I had it a lot and the worst with bluetooth car (nissan), the other one is with my gear 2 i cant sync. i thinking back to stock :-(.

  30. Money says:

    Rom is great. I downloaded it from the main page which has newer versions. My only issue is bluetooth dooes not transmit music well and my clock seems to set itself forward 4 hours every once in a while. Has anybody had any time issues?

  31. Rich says:

    Own a galaxy s5 900f… Bluetooth media starts getting skippy of screen is turned off then on again. Fine for Bluetooth calla however. Have tried different cpu settings, wipes and reflashing but problem persists. Apart from that Rom us probably the best Ron I’ve used for any device

  32. AnounOhMouse says:

    I love Resurection Remix it is my favorite rom for the S5, but my signal reception is beyond horrid. I am using the device on at&t and i have updated my bootloader and modem to the marshmallow ones. Still not sure why my reception is bad.

  33. Travis says:

    Great ROM but it really does me no good if I can’t make a phone call without the phone rebooting. I also don’t like the lack of a “quiet hours” option in sounds. If those can be fixed I’ll be back but hard to run as a daily driver when basic function is broken.

  34. Karim says:

    works fine but my phone gets really hot for no reason

  35. Jared says:

    Anyone have a working version for the metro pcs version of s5 (Gs900T1? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  36. Max says:

    HELP!! My Resurrection Remix keeps rebooting randomly. I did a factory reset, cleared the cache, and system. Then i reflashed the g apps and roms, and I still encounter reboots. Is there a way i can stop this permanently.

  37. Rush says:

    Can you tell me if I can install this rom on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo Canada SM-G903W ????
    thx !

  38. Rush says:

    Can download the link for the rom ??
    Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S5 for T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8, international SM-G900F/I/M

  39. Sascah Bo. says:

    I flashed several Custon Rom’s before on my G900F. this rom is the first, that doesn’t work out. 1st gone into TWRP, wiped cash, dalvik, system and data. then flashed rom for G900F, then flashed Gapps for 6.0.1 and super su. after wiped cash and dalvik. restarted phone and after few minutes phone counted installed apps. then logo on screen and text “Starting Apps.” since 90minutes nothing more happened. tried it 3 times and always the same. Someone an dea how to fix this problem?

    • Seb says:

      I am having the same issue.
      I tried installing a few different versions of the ROM but it always went back to the same thing: ‘starting apps’
      i installed a different ROM and it works perfectly but i would like to be able to this one
      Please help.

  40. Sascah Bo. says:

    got it. musn’t flash super su. but rom permanently reboots. no chance to get into system – just ones. there a lot bugs fingerprint not working – the worst rom I’ve ever seen.

  41. Web says:

    A bunch of malware

  42. Tj says:

    pls help guys. where can i download this rom? is it free or do i have to buy it? ty!
    i have no idea where to download it.

  43. Manoj says:

    I have Samsung Galaxy s5 900s. Is this theme for this??

  44. Gaurav Panta says:

    Only after using this rom you will realise how much touchwiz sucks. Awesome Rom, wish you could port the stock camera app.

  45. ryan says:

    any one know of any roms for s5 neo sm-g903w…ive been searching for weeks, cant find anything ….please help..!!!

  46. Yinon says:

    Can’t get the fingerprint scanner to work it keep saying enrollment didn’t work when Im trying to register my finger .

  47. max says:

    The fingerprint register,, but cant recognize, i cat unlock with fingerprint

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