BlissPop ROM for Galaxy S5! [Android 5.1.1]


Want the latest Android 5.1.1 with blazing speeds and a ton of customization your Galaxy S5 was intended for?

Then check out the latest BlissPop ROM.  Based on latest Android 5.1.1, you will get all of CM12.1 ROM features along with even faster performance and a load of extra customization.  For flashaholics like myself, this is a dream come true as you mix the best of latest Android and best of AOSP custom features all in one ROM!

As far as performance, BlissPop ROM scores near 47-48K on Antutu for benchmarking aside from its super-fast UI.   And that’s all without overclocking, your Galaxy S5 will run just as fast as a Note 4, if not just a tad slower.   Also by installing an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) such as BlissPop ROM, you will be able to rejuvenate/convert your phone into a full-fledged Nexus device.

For customization, BlissPop ROM is one of the most customizable ROMs out there.  You can find a full customization option for your status bar, navigation bar, notification drawer, power menu, and much much more.   For Lollipop notifications, you will be able to explicitly control which apps can give you notifications and blacklist ones that are annoying.  Also don’t forget many of the popular AOSP custom features like App Circle Bar, App Bar, Gesture Anywhere, and some more.  And yes, root is included via SuperSU app.

Battery life is insanely awesome and you can even extend it by turning on Dark Bliss, which will give you a dark theme with black background to save you a ton of battery life (as AMOLED screen on S5 uses zero energy on black pixels).

Overall, BlissPop is an excellent example of why rooting and custom ROMs can transform your phone into something else.  It’s amazing what can be done with open source and this ROM is proof of that so definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download BlissPop ROM for T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8, SM-G900F/SM-G900I/SM-G900M

Download BlissPop ROM for Sprint SM-G900P

Download Android 5.1 Gapps (DO NOT USE older Gapp as you will FC!!!)

Sorry, not available for AT&T or Verizon S5 as they have locked bootloaders, try switching carriers?

Installation Instructions:

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install SuperSU and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S5!  Using TWRP?  See our universal fail-proof method on installing custom ROM and boot the first time!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Extra MODs:

Want Flash Player?  See How to Install Flash Player on Android Lollipop!

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

Need to run apps that check for root?  Check out How to Run Apps that’s don’t run on rooted Android!

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I have no Play Store!
A: Make sure you install Gapps zip file in TWRP or CWM Recovery!!!  Download link in this post above.

Q: I have no Root!
A: For CM12.1 ROMs, see How to Enable Root on CM12.1!

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49 Responses

  1. J says:

    I keep getting a few error messages:
    “Unfortunately Setup wizard has stopped”
    “Unfortunately Messaging has stopped”
    these messages just pop up over and over and I can’t do anything else..
    I installed the gapps that you listed here because I heard that
    the gapps version was a problem, but it did not work.
    Help please?

    • Chris says:

      Hey J,

      Maybe grab the gapps from cyanogen? or try wiping the Davik cache only.

  2. Diego says:

    Does it works for sm-g900h??

  3. simerjeet Singh says:

    hey dude…
    i am from Punjab India

    Where is it for sm-g900h? ??

    There are no roms for this model..
    I have searched a lot

    only on your website

    i have rooted my device

    tried ota update downloaded huge file and it doesn’t work

    coz of root

    i want above mentioned room for my device…

    will it work on it?

    • Luke says:

      The g-900h is a bit fucked as it uses an exynox processor instead of the 801 so this rom will probably brick your phone.

  4. Darnell says:

    So just to be clear at&t phones can’t use this rom? Or any custom roms?

  5. simerjeet Singh says:

    What about international model?

  6. Mika says:

    Awesome, though i cant get gapps to work. Still FC on yt, gmail play and so on.
    Tried the gapps that Chris posted and that was no better… Did npt install su, might that be the problem?

    Any help is appricoated!

    • zach says:

      Go to they have pretty much everything you need. Also go and download 5.1.1 GAPPS from there and make they are official and complete GAPP builds. Don’t bother with any of the extra crap.

  7. Ofr says:

    Will it support the 900fd version s5 duos….?

  8. Moon says:

    Will it support with SM-G900M on Brasil?

  9. youssef says:

    does it work for G900FD dual

  10. Alan says:

    Does it work for g900a?

  11. Corries101 says:

    Hi. Great rom. Just want to know how the take a screenshot?? Can seem to figure it out… I’m using a 900F. Any ideas. Thanks.

  12. mihai says:

    After 3-4 days a lot of error reboot the Android device i don’t recomend this room ,,,CM12.1 ROM for Galaxy S5! [STABLE]”’ much better …
    This rooom suck sorry…I Use Galaxy S5 ….

  13. Slade says:

    I’m using the BlissPop rom working well except having an issue with the system clock changing 5 hours ahead, later then it returns to normal time, I’m at home with a good wifi signal and lte, have toggled on various functions still and issues any similar problems and resolutions? thanks all.

  14. Pop says:

    I just installed this rom to my S5 and the battery life is far worse than Samsungs defalt touchwiz version. Any solution to this?

    For gapps I used (arm):

  15. Kyle says:

    Hi guys I tried flashing blisspop 3.2 and 3.3 for the gs5 900i (kltedv) but it showed an error when trying to flash with ktoonsez twrp just wondering if this ROM has kltedv support like in description or for some reason it is my recovery

  16. Loltron says:

    I can’t get any picture messages from other people nor send them do you have a solution? This is an amazing rom don’t want to give it up!

  17. tal says:

    Hi Max how are u? Thanks for posting these roms!
    1 question though.. is it faster than twisted rom? Cuz twisted works fllawless for me only down side for it its to be a touchwiz rom


  18. Darren Ma says:

    Is there a way to remove this irritating Google Search Bar?
    Or do I have to install something like Xposed GEL Settings to hide it?

    Thanks Max for your ROM reviews 🙂

  19. Gabriel Alonso says:

    Works fine on G900M?

  20. SAM says:


    I love this ROM but can’t get used to stock android camera.
    Do you know how to install or flash the GS5 stock camera app ? or the note 4 / S6 ?

    Thx !

  21. Alica says:

    Nothing but problems. Any suggestions?
    Wiped clean. Then wiped :
    Gapps and super su, successful installed.
    Every possible app has problem. Chrome showing all black screen. Google Camera freezes at start sometimes. These are all updated. Microphone sometimes gets very quiet. I have to yell for people to hear me. Google photo freezes…
    And I have done factory reset 3x times. Installed rom 3x times…

  22. Jameson says:

    help me, please make at least one rom for g900fd .

  23. Daniel Kwon says:

    Hey Max, one issue I am having with Blisspop on my galaxy s5 is that KakaoTalk seems to know that my phone is rooted and disables me from using it. I was wondering if this was a problem that you have also faced, and if this occurs on any of the other AOSP roms. Previouslly I was on the MOAR rom for galaxy s5 and there were no issues with KakaoTalk. I would really appreciate it if you got back to me on this.

    • Max Lee says:

      KakaoTalk should work fine on rooted phones, working on mine but let me look into it.

      • Daniel Kwon says:

        This only seems to have become an issue after switching from moar to blisspop.

        • Daniel Kwon says:

          Also, what would you say is your favorite AOSP rom for galaxy s5?

        • Max Lee says:

          You could try this using Xposed but I haven’t tested Xposed yet on 5.1.1:

          Beta xposed for 5.1.1 here:

          • Daniel Kwon says:

            So do I follow the instructions on highonandroid or the xda forum

          • Daniel Kwon says:

            I have sucessfully installed xposed installer app and root cloak, however when KakaoTalk is added, it forces the app to close before number verification.

  24. Asif says:

    Can you please guide me how to set camera pictures storage location to memory card ???

  25. Balin says:

    I love this rom…
    the only problem i’m having is overheating…
    not sure why 🙁

    i’ll keep updating the ROM and hopefully the problem will go away.

    anyone else having the same problem?

  26. Dreamwave says:

    Why not port this to Verizon and at&t ones? Safestrap and flashfire work surprisingly well and can install this kind of stuff no problem

  27. Neil M says:


    Im having issues with the speaker Volume with this ROM Its very quiet and cant seem to make it any louder.

    Any Suggestions??


    • Neil M says:

      Sorry, Should Add My phone is the G900F.

      Ive tried using AudioFX and V4A but neither increase the volume from what Ive done.

      • Daniel says:

        Go over to XDA theres a volume MOD which increases the volume by 4 notches makes a big difference in my case anyway on my S5 G900f. Good luck.

  28. Dave says:

    Recommend this rom it’s working flawlessly for me on my S5.

  29. soknang says:

    anyone know how to change the manu screen from list view which short the apps name based on alphabet to grid view?

  30. Layla says:

    I love really this ROM but i have soms problems. Overheating CPU, battery life top short when i have 100% battery and i look for two minutes on facebook or checking my mail i lost 10 – 20% of the battery. Also my phone restart automatic on the strangest moments. Its very annoying. Also i have problems with my screen. When i set the brightness to its darkest my screen flickers only the bottom of the screen. Also when i start my phone there comes a message on top in the screen with red lettercolor which say; sea Android enforcing. And something about the warranty.

    Does anyone else have the same problems or have a solution for these problems?

  31. Anakin says:

    It continues booting on “Android start”. after 10 times doing that, i stopped… 96 apps optimized then it starts again… tried to wipe system, then? reinstall?

  32. Keensy says:

    Anyone else’s phone get hot ?

  33. raihan says:

    Harap bisa dibuka

  34. raihan says:

    Hi im to go men dajihs jdjka gumsa

  35. raihan says:

    Komendemhai kaihab yshaj hsyiah haisi jajns jajs

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