AICP ROM for Galaxy S5! [Android 5.1.1]


If you are looking for an awesome AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) for this week, definitely check out the latest AICP ROM.

Based on latest Android 5.1.1, AICP ROM brings a high level of great customizations along with a modded launcher with Android M style app drawer.  The AICP ROM will get you up to speed on the latest Android performance enhancements with excellent overall battery life.

For customization, AICP ROM brings you almost every AOSP customization feature you can think of including full customization of your notification drawer, status bar, heads up notifications, system animations, recents panel, and much more.  For adding cool shortcuts, AICP ROM brings you familiar PIE controls, Gesture Anywhere, App Circle Bar, and more.   SuperSU is provided for root.

Overall, AICP ROM is an excellent choice for those of you who want to turn your Galaxy S5 into a full-fledged Nexus device and make it run as fast as possible on the latest Android OS so definitely give this speedy guy a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download AICP ROM for Galaxy S5 for SM-G900F/G900I/G900M, T-Mobile SM-G900T, Canadian SM-G900W8

Download AICP ROM for Galaxy S5 for Sprint SM-G900P

Download Android 5.1 Gapps (DO NOT USE older Gapp as you will FC!!!)

Sorry, not available for AT&T or Verizon S5 as they have locked bootloaders, try switching carriers?

Installation Instructions:

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install SuperSU and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S5!  Using TWRP?  See our universal fail-proof method on installing custom ROM and boot the first time!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Extra MODs:

Want Flash Player?  See How to Install Flash Player on Android Lollipop!

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

Need to run apps that check for root?  Check out How to Run Apps that’s don’t run on rooted Android!

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I have no Play Store!
A: Make sure you install Gapps zip file in TWRP or CWM Recovery!!!  Download link in this post above.

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24 Responses

  1. ANSAR says:

    BAD SERVERS……………………….

    I cant able to finish off my download iam having working 2MBPS broadband plan kindly solve my problem once download reach at 75% automatically stops its my prolem./

  2. steve says:

    Ran the gapps 5.1 and still unable to get the Google play store to load. Any idea?

  3. pilot40 says:

    WiFi EAP SIM is missing .. do i need to flash new modem ??

  4. Rudy says:

    Do you know why on Virgin Mobile, after i flash our APN fix, the APN reset when on wi-fi for a long time or sometimes on reboot? VM runs off of the Sprint network, and the rom works flawlessly, except for that, and the slide to unlock when it’s already password protected.

  5. Ali says:

    Is the NFC working for this ROM ?

  6. sancho says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I did my homework last night, everything went well, but I´m having a situation: I cannot configure my corporative email.
    The cellphone is asking me for the certification…normally automatically download and install…but with this OS is being impossible.

    Apart from that the device must be encrypted and when starts ….it doesnt complete the action.

    Any suggestion?



  7. Omar says:

    I already flashed and installed the rom, but I can’t fin the app NOTES I had in stock 5.0 Lollipop. What can I do?

  8. GALANLV says:


    • Frandy says:

      No. En las ROMS AOSP no funciona nada de eso porque eso se lo pone touchwiz.

      • Jacobo says:

        De la única forma que se podrá conseguir soporte para el escáner de huellas digitales, el sensor cardíaco y el sensor IR en las ROM AOSP, sería que Samsung liberase el código fuente del kernel del dispositivo. Lo cual no pasará pronto.

  9. Gregor says:

    S900F work 10/10
    OTA updates are perfect solucion for eliminate and fix errors
    Good work

  10. Tal says:

    G900f gps dont work from build 1

    Any suggestions?

  11. Gregor says:

    1. camera bypasses some photos while shooting!

    2. Regular restart from the main screen disappear all the shortcuts.

    3. After the update OTA applications are not available approximately 10 minutes.

    4. The battery life on this soft is a drama.

    5. Super menu, the best so far tested.


  12. affan says:

    Why I cannot update the aicp ota? It always says installation aborted..
    Please help

  13. sagit says:

    I cant update either… says the file does not exist. help please!!!!

  14. gabriel says:

    Hey guys, i installed 5.1.1 9.0 nightly on my s5 g900I, it works really well, but it sucks my battery really fast.
    is there any way to fix it?

  15. John says:

    No GPS for SM-G900P. Any fixes?

  16. DaveTheTech says:

    Looks great, feels great, and works great. Only hiccup during the first initialization of the ROM is the WiFi profiles seem to disappear and you have to add it back after a reboot. Though, after taking out the MicroSD card that had some system files attached to it, and rebooted.. the issue seemed to have resolved itself. Are there any major issues anybody else is having or is known on the table that we should be aware of? Other than that little bug, I haven’t dove too far deep yet but I’ll keep you posted if I see anything else. Thanks for the Links especially for the Google Services zip and the tutorials you’ve provided.

  17. Brad says:

    I’m loving this ROM. I grabbed the release version 10.0 july 07 and it’s working well. So many nice features and runs very smoothly. Previously I was using Alliance ROM however it wasn’t very customizable for the Android L versions and had memory issues (slows down when multiple programs in memory.

  18. Rasyid says:

    Hi, i used this ROM since few months back. After a recent update, my phone went into a bootloop. I dont know how i resolve it, but i reset everything to clean install the ROM. But the problem that im having now is im unable to connect my phone to the PC with usb, the PC is not detecting it at all. I hope you can help me with this as i want to install stock ROM

  19. niko says:

    hello, pas de reseaux gps sur le s900f

  20. BRUNO SOUSA says:

    Possuo um S5 G900P e a rom funciona perfeitamente, apenas um problema me fez desinstalá-la. Ao receber chamadas nada aparece. Não aparece a tela para atender.

  21. mizzster k says:

    why my headset ploged in is not support for this rom anybody happened like me ???
    please reply me 🙁

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