SafeStrap for AT&T/Verizon Galaxy S5

For AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S5, you cannot install the standard CWM or TWRP recovery via ODIN.

Instead, you can use SafeStrap Recovery, which will allow you to install custom ROMs even with a locked bootloader.


Download SafeStrap Recovery for AT&T Galaxy S5 on XDA

Download SafeStrap Recovery for Verizon Galaxy S5 on XDA

Don’t know how to install custom ROM using SafeStrap Recovery?

See How to Install custom ROM using SafeStrap Recovery on AT&T/Verizon Galaxy S5!

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  1. Brian says:

    i have picked up a retail demo version of the galaxy s5, can the phone be rooted and converted to a working phone? is it possible to root a demo device?

  2. kevin lee says:

    my samsung galaxy s5 unlock stuomer powered by android seems like stuck logo so long. i wonder if i can go back to normal stock then re-do it rooting or what ? thanks

  3. Ismael says:

    Everytime I try to install a custom rom on my AT&T S5 it freezes at
    Starting AROMA Installer version 2.70RC2
    (c) 2013 by amarullz xda-developers
    is there anyway i can fix this?

  4. Lanky says:

    I have my phone rooted verizon S5 rooted, but did not put a custom Rom on. For the past two days, my email, voice, dropbox, and other apps keeps force closing with the message “unfortunately, google voice(or other app name) has stopped.”

    Has anyone experienced this? It is non stop with many many apps. Also, my work email is not syncing since this happened.

    Can someone please make a suggestions, besides factory reset?

    Thank You


    • Jamo says:

      When it does that you have to play with the time and date footer example : Change timezones and don’t click automatic timezones

  5. todd says:

    Max…is there a link for directions to use Odin to unroot my phone and also uninstall Samsung firmware?
    I foolishly installed a Samsung firmware update on my Verizon s5.. My rooted apps do not work, and I cannot u root through super user. Any advice???

    Would appreciate the feedback or a Link with directions. I cannot find Verizon s5 software on this site, BC I only saw towel root methods of root

    Thank you


  6. AntmanWreck says:

    Is it possible to unlock the gs5 for At&T free like the galaxy note

  7. Angela says:

    I have a s5 on Verizon, 4.4.4 I see towelroot is no longer a way to root. Do I have any option to root? If so what should I do.

  8. Rich Fabbre says:


    Can you post unlock instructions (or tell me where to get them) for ATT Galaxy S5?

    Thanx in advance,

  9. colt 45 says:

    To above threads about updated builds with the new OTA update (after june-july) the only way to root if your device already has the update, it’s to use this precise method on the XDA forums. This will work, I can attest to it. But you MUST follow directions to a T. Fairly simple process and give thanks to.the OP as well.

  10. Sanj says:

    Hi. I’m new to this so I have a question about a Samsung live demo S5.

    I have managed to get the demo video to stop playing but any picture I take keeps getting
    Deleted.. it even wiped my memory card. From what I have read, these live demos have components missing on
    The main board so it cannot be used as a phone.

    Can anyone please advise a way forward to even get it working as a normal tab.

    Thank you

  11. Jameson says:

    please make at least one rom for g900fd .

  12. Jameson says:

    please make at least one rom for g900fd…..

  13. Brian says:

    Quick question, when I I want to install a new rom, do I have to look for the specific device or can be for any?

  14. Rob says:

    I heard that the ATT S5 can’t be rooted when I just bought it, is still the same thing? can someone already figured it out how to rooted? mine now it has a patch from 2016 and still want to rooted if it’s possible

  15. Faisal says:

    Bro Can You Help Me How Can I Unlock G900V’s Bootloader? please make a video for it

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