How to Get FREE Wifi Tether Hotspot on Sprint Galaxy S5!

For those of you who want to get free wifi tether/hotspot working on your Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P, there’s a simple way to do so thanks to XDA user Miked63017. (Please don’t forget to donate to him if you like this MOD!)  This will allow you to get wifi tether working for your 3G and 4G LTE connection without paying Sprint twice for the same internet you already paid for.

Before we begin, you will need to have a rooted Sprint S5 with CWM Recovery installed.  If you don’t, see our guide on How to Root Galaxy S5!


Step 1. Make sure your Build Number ends in “NCD” in About device like shown below.  (UPDATE: There’s a hotspot for “ND2” also now, see below!)


Step 2. Download and install with CWM Recovery.


For NCD, download:


For ND2, download:

Download Odexed (stock ROM)

Download Deodexed (custom ROM)

For NE5, download:

Download Odexed (stock ROM)

Download Deodexed (custom ROM)


Step 3. After rebooting, try turning on your Hotspot and you should no longer receive error messages and tether finely with any other wireless device!


Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this MOD if you like it, thx!

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  1. pjldrum says:

    Hey, Max,

    Question–I just upgraded to the AND2 firmware / modem via ODIN, and I’m wondering if this mod for Sprint WIFI tether will work. Assuming the answer is “no”, when do you think there would be a solution for the updated firmware? Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Not sure, you can try it. Just make a backup ROM then give it a go. If it doesn’t work or something goes wrong, just restore your ROM back.

    • matt says:

      Did it work for your and2 for the mobile hotspot?

    • SteveTorr says:

      OK, whats the best way to try and get rid of the yellow screen of death? I think I may have used the wrong build version ODEX file. I do not know if it was NE5 odex as I suspected it to be. I think it could have been the wrong one. (maybe shoudl have used a nd2 or ncd odex instead) I rushed trough and am now paying the price. ALL I GET IS THE YELLOW SCREEN. I did install titanium, but have no way to access it.

      • SteveTorr says:

        If you downloaded and installed the wrong zip file for ND2, NE5, or NCD….. and the phone freezes at the sprint yellow screen, Can you just patch over the rom with the correct zip file or do you need to flash the phone and start all over again? Please help, I am in the dog house with the wife…. lol.

    • morgangv says:


    • Chad says:

      When is the OD3 wifi tether coming out?

      • jessy says:

        Hi, did you ever find a way to get your hotspot activated?
        I have a samsung galaxy s5, build number ending in OD3 as well.

  2. hai says:

    Does the build number end with ncb or ncd

  3. planetpuertorico says:

    Working for AND2

  4. Isaac says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if it is possible to install this mod without flashing anything? I just used towel root to root my S5 and my KNOX counter was not tripped, so I’d like to keep it that way.


    There is a ATT ND3 build version for unlock hostsopot?

    Thank you!

  6. Leonardo Suarez says:

    Hello Friends, I have a problem activating the Wifi Hotspot Tether on my samsung galaxy S5 SM-G900A AT & T. When I try to activate, I get the following message: the mobile data is not available or is not valid SIM. Anyone know how to fix this?


    free tethering works great on my sprint Galaxy s 5,,except shuts off with incoming calls is there a fix our just gotta ca deal with it,,, thank you

    • dave says:

      I’m having the same issue, I hope there’s a fix soon….

    • SirStephenH says:

      There will never be a fix. The issue is with the network, not your phone. The way Sprint has their network setup you cannot use data while making calls.

    • Max Lee says:

      That’s an issue with Sprint’s network, they don’t allow tether when there’s incoming call.

      • Josh says:

        I was compelled to reply to this. I have an S5 now but I came from a Sprint GS3. I used android-wifi-tether and I was able to share my 4G and be on the phone at the same time. I did it all the time, if it is true that it doesnt work anymore then it must be a feature of the spark network. We even did it with my wifes GS4. I am hopeful that at some point someone will figure out how to make it work on GS5. That feature will be sorely missed.

  8. steve says:

    Sprint Provider
    Is there any updates for the end build number: ANES

  9. Timothy Trant says:

    hey my build number is ANE5 anything for that. thanks

  10. dstar says:

    ANE5 build here too! Anyone try it w/ this? Or an update coming soon?

  11. juan medina says:

    any steps on how to do it for and2 thank

  12. Steve says:

    Hey guys I installed this MOD on my AND2 stock rom S5. It worked for 1 day flawlessy then the next day the hotspot would show up but no devices could connect. Do you think Sprint was able to meddle with it?

    • admin says:

      I don’t think so, double-check your wifi settings Sprint cannot remotely install anything on your phone.

  13. dstar says:

    NE5 file works for me!

  14. John says:

    Will there be an unlock soon for NCB ?

  15. Joe says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have the NE5 stock rom and when I installed the zip (, I can no longer find the Hotspot in my settings. Have you heard of this? Is there a workaround?

    • Joe says:

      DISREGARD.. must have been because the device was not activated.. when activated I installed the correct ZIP and wifi hotspot works flawlessly! Thanks again!!!

  16. Dawn says:

    I rooted my phone and unzip the unlock file. And after my phone gets done with the system update it boots me off the hotspot saying I dont have it. How can I fix this?

    • James says:

      Hi Dawn,

      I had the same prolem with the NE5 build. I went through the process of installing the HotSpot zip file a 2nd time and now it seems to be working. I had to do it twice. FIrst time didn’t work for me either… I received the same message as always saying that I wasn’t subscribed to the Sprint HotSpot servicee.

      2nd time works great!

      • Peter says:

        Im having the same problem with my NE5 I keep getting the same “not subscribed” message doy you have the link you can share for the proper download? Thanks

  17. jerry says:

    Has one for NCB been made yet?

  18. Hebert says:

    please help. I have a at&t galaxy s5 unlocked and rooted
    working on tmobile. everything works fine except hotspot.
    when i try to turn it on it gives me a message saying
    ” mobile data is not available or invalid sim”
    i went to tmobile they gave me another sim but still the same.
    I downloaded lots of different apps but nothing works. what should I do?
    thank you very much

    • Max Lee says:


  19. Theodore says:

    I have a Galaxy s5 build number ends NCI… is there a unlock tether zip for my phone?

  20. Marcial says:

    Let me ask u something, I have ND2 What download you recommend me , the Odexed or Deodexed

  21. Toni says:

    I need to purchase a sprint phone that works with 4G LTE and Spark. Which phone is the easiest to root and download a working wifi hotspot app? Or can i root a samsung galaxy tab and use it as a free wifi hot spot

    • ju66er says:

      LTE and Spark availability depend on where you live so check the coverage map. Sprint Spark is compatible with tri-band phones only.

  22. ju66er says:

    I got the Sprint “S5 Sport” 3 days ago with build G860PVPU1ANG3. Any hopes of getting the files for the hotspot mod?

  23. Nelly says:

    Downloaded the ODEX version for the ND2 — technically it ends in AND2, not sure if that makes a difference — and I got some errors indicating something about a “E: Footer is wrong” and “E:signature error?” any thoughts?

  24. Nelly says:

    Specifically the errors I see when trying to install the ODEX or DEODEX is
    E:footer wrong
    E:signature verification failed

    Any thoughts?

  25. Glory says:

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  26. Mark says:

    Need this for S5 sport , sm-g860p. Build ang3

  27. Li says:

    By mistake I installed Deodexed version on stock rom for NE5 build. Then I installed the odexed version. Everything looks good so far but I just wonder if anyone know there is side effect of installing the wrong version?

  28. Jose says:

    Anybody knows about s5 sport? Anybody knows the file that works with this model?

  29. Bobby says:

    Would also love an unlock for build number -NCB!

  30. damulta says:

    Need ang3 for s5 sport. Anything available?

    • ju66er says:

      I found and app today that worked for my S5 Sport NG3 build. Make sure you have root. Follow this thread

  31. Mil says:

    Yeah, working in a S5 Sprint. F#*@K Sprint. THANKS A LOT

  32. eddie says:

    Hey I got build NH5 any updates coming soon, I feel like I would be ok with the NE5 but don’t wanna take my chances unless I know it’s compatible

  33. J&J says:

    I rooted my Sprint Galaxy S5 following the second set of instructions and the WiFi hotspot isn’t working. Only the Bluetooth or USB tethered connection will work. Any ideas?
    Thank you.

  34. Kyle says:

    Trying to do free tethering with my Samsung Galaxy s5 sport model GM-G860P on sprint is this at all possible it has LTE SPARK

  35. joe ball says:

    I have n k 4 is there something different or use the one’s listed

  36. Matt says:

    I have a SM-G900P and my last 3 of my buld number is NK4. which one do I need to use to make this work?

  37. cj says:

    I have a sprint gs5 with ANK4 as baseband version. What do i do?

  38. nickg says:

    I have a rooted sprint s5 and i am having trouble using the wifi tether feature. I didn’t root it myself so i don’t know a lot about this. But, my wifi hotspot turns on & stays on. It gives out the signal (you can see my hotspot pop up on other devices), yet will not allow any device to connect. The device will keep trying but never connect or stream any data. If anyone can help me out,, it would be immensely appreciated. Thanks!

  39. kelvin says:

    I flash my phone galaxy s5 from sprint . i want the hot spot open. My software version is AN4K and my basebuild number is NI3… HOW CAN I ROOT THE HOTSPOT INTERNET ?

  40. hody says:

    My build number ends with ANK4 can i still do it?

  41. Darion White says:

    Will there ever be a version for the NK4 build??

  42. Dayz says:

    I am using a Sprint Galaxy S5 (SM-G900P) and I used 1.2 based on the recommendation from Matt, and it seems to be working just fine.

  43. BillJ says:

    Anything for NI3? ive tried EVERYTHING all ROMS and the only one that works is the Lollipop rom, MOAR doesn’t work wifi/tether doesn’t……. anyone have the same build and no issues?

  44. George says:

    anything for build NG3 Galaxy S5 free wifi hotspot?

  45. msiam says:

    Did anyone have any luck with the ANK4 build using the 1.2 version?

  46. seth says:

    Anything yet for the GS5 G60P with a build on ANG3? Need it badly!

  47. eli says:

    I got a nk4 is there one for that?

  48. joe says:

    how to get free hotspot for sprint samsung galasy s5 lollipop on root phone?

  49. Leo says:

    Is there any unlock option for build number ending in OA6?.. thanks in advance!

  50. Brian says:

    I just updated to Lollipop. I also need a version that will work with OA6 or will any of the previous versions work?

  51. Mark says:

    NCD download worked great. Thank you.

  52. dawnne says:

    I have an s5 build number ends with Nk4. Do u have a hot spot unlock for it

  53. pete says:

    Yikes. I installed this on the NK4 system and not my S5 freezes at the SprintSpark screen. How can I uninstall the zip and try to get back to normal? Of course, I didn’t backup! Can someone help? THANKS!!!!

    PS GREAT stuff!

  54. Bearsfan says:

    For those with the “dreaded” OA6 baseband, Miked63017 from XDA has created a simple app that so far works for all basebands. I can confirm it works with OA6. However, make sure to get the latest version of the app.

  55. Will saywer says:

    Should I look for updated versions of hotspot unlock zip, or am I good to go from 1st download

  56. Jose says:

    i just updated to lollipop 5.0 from sprint, and it working perfectly. I only need how to activate the hot spot my build number end (2BOD3). Did the unlock hotspot 1.2, will work with lollipop

  57. jarek says:

    Is there a root and free wifi tether hotspot available for 5.0 version with build number ending in OD3

  58. jessy says:

    I really need help.
    I have a samsung galaxy s5, build number ending in OD3 (service thru Boost mobile). I see under settings, i dont have hotspot/tethering together. I just have hotspot & tethering but seperate (under network connections) when i try turning hotspot on i get a hotspot error popup saying “your not subscribed to the hotspot service”. When i click on tethering, it only says “bluetooth tethering” & if i chek the box its says its for “not sharing this device’s Internet connection “. Im so far from being tech savvy, more like tech ignorant. I still dont even know what tether means or its exact purpose when referring to hotspot. All i really want is to make my s5 a hotspot so i can access my tablet once in a while without another monthly payment thru boost mobile especially since its just me paying to use my data service i already paid for every month. Anyway sorry to my rambling, thanks in advance to any & all the help you can give me. It would be very much appreciated, Jessy

  59. Mufar says:

    The phone i am using is samsung galaxy s5 au scl23….it’s from japan….My baseband/build number ends with NJ1….i have the same tethering issue….my phone is not rooted yet the tethering turns off instantly like u showed in your video…tried apps like foxfi, pdanet+ etc, it still doesnt work……really need help to fix this….

  60. PandoraHD says:

    I’m looking for hotspotzip for Sprint GS5 900p with build BOG1. Frustrating why we have to pay twice for what we already buy.

  61. Dillon says:

    I have a sprint galaxy s5 with the build number ending in BOG1. Any suggestions on how to get wifi hotspot to work? Would really appreciate the help.

  62. Fox Owl says:

    my build number ends in OD3 What do I Do?

  63. Jasper says:

    Mine used to work but now I cant find anything to fix it, my build ends in AN13, any help would be great thanks

  64. Alanna says:

    My sprint galaxy s5 build # also ends in BOG1. How can I get the wifi hotspot to work? Please help. Thank you.

  65. Kevin says:

    Hi. I have SMG-900P and my build ends in BOK4. Which one should i use to get hotspot and
    Or tethering? Please help.


    • randy says:

      I also have a SMG-900P wit the build ending in BOK4 …. is there any help in site ? a a app or work around ? I have looked all over ….. any help would be greatly appreciated


  66. Alexis says:

    Max please help!!!! I have sprint samsung galaxy s5 SM-G900p and my build number ends in NK4. I was able to get my phone rooted but i was wondering if there was a download available for my build number to unlock hotspot??

  67. Ron K says:

    I have a Sprint GS5 with a build number ending in OK3 do you have download for this build as of yet?

  68. Lunux Pendragon says:

    Hey, Max Lee. I have a sprint s5 that’s build # ends in BOG1
    my phone is rooted but I can’t find the zip to completely unlock hot spot. I had one the let me unlock it for around 10 seconds then kicked me off and said I needed to subscribe. Would appreciate any help thanks

  69. chris says:

    Mine is sm-g900p and my build ends in PL2

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