How to Install Flash Player on Galaxy S5!

I know some of you tweeted/e-mailed me last week on how to get Adobe Flash Player working on your Galaxy S5 so let me show you “exactly” how to do it using a Galaxy S5 on stock TouchWiz ROM.

Step 1. Download the Adobe Flash Player APK File.


Download Adobe Flash Player APK File

Once downloaded, use My Files app and browse to your Download directory.  (If you don’t know how to do this, follow along the video tutorial above.)

Then press on the Adobe Flash Player APK File you just downloaded.


Step 2. Press on “Settings”.


Step 3. Press on “Unknown sources”.


Step 4. Hit “OK”.


Step 5. Hit “Install”, this will install Adobe Flash Player 11.1.



Step 6. You will need a Flash Player-capable browser as stock browser and Chrome does not support Flash Player.  I recommend getting the Dolphin browser from the Play Store.


Step 7. Open Dolphin Browser and hold down the Recent button until you see menu.  Hit the Settings icon in menu.


Step 8. Hit “Web content”.


Step 9. Hit “Flash Player” and set it to “Always on”.



Step 10. Browse to any Flash Player-enabled website such as and you should see Flash working just fine.


Congrats!  Now you should be able to browse any Flash-enabled website easily with your Galaxy S5!



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