How to Root AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S5! [TowelRoot]

FINALLY!  Thank to XDA user GeoHot, we now have a new root method for AT&T SM-G900A or Verizon SM-G900V Galaxy S5.  If you have been waiting for a long time for this root (as I have) don’t forget to donate to GeoHot for breaking the code and giving us root.

This will work on all Galaxy S5 models with Android 4.4.2 and does not trip KNOX.  DOE NOT WORK WITH Android 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1, 5.1.1 Lollipop!

Currently there is NO ROOT METHOD for AT&T or Verizon S5 models with Android 5.0+ Lollipop.  Sorry, you will have to take this up on AT&T or Verizon to unlock bootloaders if you want root, there will most likely no more root if you’ve update to Lollipop unfortunately.   See our video on Best Carriers for Root and Custom ROMs.

Step 1. Point your browser to and hit the Lamda icon.  That will download an APK file to your phone.


Step 2. Next go to your notifications and click on the APK file that was downloaded.


Step 3. You may have to go to Settings to allow installation of this APK file.





Step 4. If you get a warning, just ignore and install the app.


Step 5. Open TowelRoot app.


Step 6. Click on “make it ra1n”.  The app will root your phone and reboot in about 15 seconds.


Step 7. Let your phone reboot.


Step 8. Once rebooted, download and install SuperSU app from Play Store.


Step 9. Open the SuperSU app and when it asks you to update the SU binary, just hit “Cancel”. (Root works fine without updating.)


Step 10. When SuperSU app asks you to disable KNOX, press “OK”. This will get rid of KNOX, which is a useless security feature we don’t need and will only interfere with our root.


Step 11. To verify you have full root, install and open a rooted app such as Titanium Backup app.

You should see a Superuser request window like show below:



Congrats!  You now have a fully rooted AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S5.


A: I cannot update the Superuser binaries!
Q: The SuperSU on the Play Store is not the latest version, download the latest version of SuperSU APK file here:


Then use My Files app to install it. You should be able to update binaries then.

Btw, binaries don’t affect root at all but SuperSU app won’t run without updating the binaries.

Q: Can I remove root later easily?
A: Yes, you can remove root easily in 1-click using SuperSU app, see this video tutorial.


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208 Responses

  1. John Luciano says:

    Thanks Max for the update root method works great on N900V. So far this seems to be the best way to root. Just download the APK file straight to the phone and just about one click later its rooted.

  2. Trevot says:

    It’s says the installation failed but when I press cancel it kicks me out the app

  3. Kevin Lee says:

    Thanks for the sharing. So, any Recovery and Rom is working at this moment?

  4. Emil says:

    some xda users report problems with the ultra power saving mode if you turn it on after this root some say it bricks the phone, I am staying away from that

  5. Jeff says:

    Is it safe to use System App Uninstaller to get rid of bloatware?

  6. Todd says:

    when opening SuperSU, and it asks about the updating Binary, i hit cancel, and it closes the app and nothing else happens. what does that mean?

    • admin says:

      The SuperSU on the Play Store is not the latest version, download the latest version of SuperSU APK file here:

      Then use My Files app to install it. You should be able to update binaries then.

      Btw, binaries don’t affect root at all but SuperSU app won’t run without updating the binaries.

  7. Todd says:

    oh yea, i’m attempting to do this on the Verizon S4, not the S5. I’m told this works for both? And yes, its been updated to 4.4.2

    • admin says:

      Yup just tested, works on any S4, Note 3, or S5 with Android 4.4.2!

      • kanen says:

        I tried this on my s5 and it didn’t even reboot
        What happening
        Can u help me

        • Eli says:

          When I click “make it ra1n” towelroot v3 reads “This phone isn’t currently supported”

          System info reads
          Model #: SAMSUNG-SM-G900A
          Android Version: 4.4.2

          Carrier is AT&T

          • Beefsloth says:

            Same model and firmware version, can confirm that i’m having the same issue. On another site it said this latest firmware update or at&ts latest update is incompatible until towel root gets updated. Does anyone known a different way even if it’s a more tech savvy approach?

          • Zach says:

            I am also having this same issue. After clicking on Make it Ra1n, I get the message “This phone isn’t currently supported”

            • william says:

              I’m having the same issue. Anyone that can help please? Thus seems to be the most common issue as of late

              • Lupe Flores says:

                I’m also having this issue. Is there a fix for it yet? Or a different way to root? I’m looking to get a fast rom. Please help. Thanks.

          • RICO says:

            same here, att phone is not supported

          • Heramb Hatkar says:


            I have tried using the TowelrootV3. It gives me an error. ” This phone isn’t currently supported”
            I have an AT&T galaxy S5 – SM-G900A. Android Version 5.0, Baseband Version – G900AUCU3BOC4, Build Number LRX21T.G900AUCU3BOC4, Kernel Version – Mar 16, 2015.
            Please help with alternative methods of rooting my device.

          • mark says:

            Same except mines 4.4.4

  8. Ray says:

    Now how about a wifi tether method that doesn’t do the “verifying account info” . At&t knew of the tethering cause of the old work around that said failed but still worked. Ideas?

  9. Wei says:

    Hi, it is not working in my t mobile s4, this s4 is the latest version 4.4.2

    • admin says:

      Use the regular root method, no need to use Towelroot on Tmo S4.

  10. Wouter K says:

    Can’t install latest SUPERSU?

    How to install CLOCKWORKMOD Recovery???

    Will Nandroid Backup work? How to setup?

    • admin says:

      Download this:
      And install with My Files app.

      There will be Safestrap recovery for it soon but you cannot install regular CWM recovery.

  11. JESSE ONE says:

    Max…. We got root… So… How long for FULL bootloader unlock exploit …? Not try to sound ignorant or ungrateful because I know the work involved to get root is aTON… But without bootloader being unlocked what’s the big deal about getting root…. If i would’ve known bootloader was locked I would’ve gotten an M8 or G3…

  12. Isaac says:

    Hi, I have a question about the KNOX system. If I disable it with SuperSU, can I then flash stuff to my phone without tripping the counter?

  13. Carl says:

    Just commenting here to see if this method will also work on the G900T (T-mobile variant). I just don’t want to trip up the knox and void my warranty.

  14. rob says:

    I tried to unroot and I keep getting fail.. my play store wont work and I can sign into google now…

  15. Chris says:

    Worked like a champ. Thanks Max, donated to GeoHot.

  16. John says:

    I keep getting installation failed on binary for SuperSU. I downloaded as suggested. Note 3 on Verizon. I am rooted though.

  17. Millz says:

    Hey i have tmobile and it worked fine with my s5, but the problem is i i had received a version update to 4.4.3 before i rooted. And now when im rooted its at 4.4.2. any thoughts?

  18. wgpb3l says:

    Mobile Hotspot does not work on S4 active at&t

  19. abido says:

    please i hope to fund rom for galaxy S5 looks like galaxy note 3 … because that rom for S5 if very stupid

  20. DFranch says:

    I just got the GS5 on cricket Wireless and I’d like to Root it. The model # is SM-G900AZ. Do you know if this is essentially the AT&T version? I assume it is since Cricket is owned by AT&T, but I don’t want to brick my phone.

  21. Brandon says:

    I want to make sure I am clear. I rooted using GeoHot’s makeitra1n and while I am rooted this way, I have no CWM option, right? Can I just go ahead and do the normal odin cwm and supersu way without unrooting first? Or do I need to unroot, then do the odin, cwm, and supersu way?

  22. Brandon says:

    I actually did read through that after I posted my comment but my build does not end in the ND3. Mine ends with NCE. I don’t see any option to choose a safestrap for my build. Am I missing something or not seeing where a SS is for my build?

  23. fred says:

    It appears to work…. T shark , orbot , asc, and a few other apps are not working with this root after busy box loads the terminal works alright so does titanium bkup and a few others. I’m not going to dare install a custom ROM!

  24. josh says:

    Soo tired of my new gs5 running slow so I did it yesterday. love it. Hope im not out of place but I used 360clean to remove bloa and boot

  25. allstar says:

    when i go to install towel root i get an error that says:

    App not installed

    An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed

  26. bryon says:

    I followed this and it worked great to root my phone, but as soon as I rebooted my phone I get “recovery is not seandroid enforcing. secure fail: recovery” any clue to wait happened?

    • Max Lee says:

      Using Towelroot, are you sure?

      • wyatt says:

        I need help I was rooted with safestrapp on att galaxy s5. I unrooted then updated to 4.4.2 and downloaded towlroot and it says device unsupported I even clicked on welcome to towel root 3 times and tried all 3 codes. Why can I root?

  27. mark says:

    I just got 4.4.2 installed and I lost root and Towel won’t work. any suggestions?

  28. Carlos says:

    Please, I bought a SM-G900A in Ft. Lauderdale, to use it in Brasil. It has worked very well, even the 4G network on my local carrier (Claro). Although, only one function is not working: hotspot (and tethering too). The app return a message about invalid sim, because that function is locked by AT&T. If I root my cell, could that function start to work, in my local carrier? ?

  29. Dashaquavius says:

    Doesn’t work for SM-G900V anymore if you downloaded that latest system update. My phone is screwed over now.

  30. abimelec says:

    Is there a root method for the sm-g900az

  31. shawn says:

    Tried towel root but says that my phone is not supported

    • Max Lee says:

      What’s your build number?

      • David says:

        I get the same error when trying to use TowerRoot v3, “This phone isn’t currently supported.” My build is KOT49H.G900VVRU1ANE9 (on Verizon) Any ideas\suggestions to workaround this issue? I also tried using Odin (v.3.07 and 3.09), multiple times with different settings, but the .tar fails to upload each time.

  32. shawn says:

    Also I have a Verizon version

    • aleph says:

      same problem here, also. I’m working with a G900AUCU2ANG3 (AT&T). I tried the make it ra1n button, and all I get is “This device is not supported”… Any work-arounds?

  33. Matt says:

    I just got a Cricket Wireless Samsung Galaxy S5. The model number is SM-900AZ. I rooted using TowelRoot. Root check says it’s rooted. So now how do I get Wi-Fi Tether to work? None of the wi-fi tethering apps will work. PDA net will not even work for tether. If I try to use any wi-fi tether app, it stars in error and then I have to reboot the phone to get wi-fi to work at all.

  34. tstevens says:

    Mine says the phone isnt currently supported

    • Max Lee says:

      Then you need to use another root method.

      • Randi says:

        Mine says that too and I have the AT&T S5 SM-G900A. I don’t get it.

        • Ian says:

          If you installed the AT&T software update like I foolishly did last night, it’ll be updated to a build for which current root methods won’t work. I’ve read that you’ll need to use Odin to flash an old kernel, but haven’t tried yet.

          Moral of the story: if you love your root access, don’t let the AT&T software update run.

        • Arturo Mendoza says:

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.
          –> For those who want to ROOT GALAXY S5 AT&T at December 31th 2014!! on Build G900AUCU2ANG3!tRM2ELZT!vKd_hM2np32W6Qvf7BqjX8iyGF-AE87SZPr6PLhOpZ8

          2. Now you have to follow the instructions of this youtube’s video (Max’s Video or tutorial)

          ***** —> For more information or acknowledgments please see the FULL video on youtube from the user “ricardo30893″ it’s in spanish but works really good!! —>

          Or write me to my email

  35. Matt says:

    Do you know of any custom roms that will work with the SM-G900AZ variant of S5 from Cricket Wireless? Will the ones for AT&T work?

  36. Shawn says:

    When I hit the make it ra1n button it says “This phone isn’t currently supported” Can someone help please? My model number is SM-G900V and android version is 4.4.2 Thanks.

    • Max Lee says:

      If you are on the latest Android 4.4.2 version, Verizon has patched it and that might be why it’s not working, you may have to wait until another new root method is out.

      • scott says:

        Thanks for the info. I too have a VzW Galaxy S5 with _SM-G900V_NCG_to_NE9 software installed. I am getting the “this phone is not currently supported” message. I would like to unlock and use my phone as a “hot spot.”

        Any speculation when a new root method might be available?

  37. JOE says:

    are these coming updated out of the box and can’t be rooted on verizon? or is verizon pushing an update that will block root if the user accepts the update?

    • ArchAngel70120 says:

      It’s a BOTA push that is the upgrade. Even if you get a new device, it will be available for it from the start. I suggest that you not accept the upgrade and install this if you want root access. Then maybe wait until a towelroot v4 comes out.

  38. naveen says:

    I have a att samsung galaxy s5. my model number is G870A android version 4.4.2 kernel version 3.4.0-2304514.
    This method is not working for me. says not available for your phone. what should I do?

  39. Gio says:

    Will this work on the Cricket S5? SAMSUNG-SM-G900AZ

  40. Barclay says:

    I have a S5 SM-G900V with Android version 4.4.2, on Verizon, and unfortunately TowelRoot did not work for me. I tried both downloading onto my desktop and installing using the SDK, and also pointing Chrome on the phone at the download page for TR and installing that way. No joy in either case. When I click on the “make it ra1n” button I get “This phone isn’t currently supported”.

  41. David saf says:

    I rooted my phone with this software. It worked. Att then sent out an update my s5 then updated and it took root. I also can’t put root back on. Sucks

    • min says:

      I rooted my phone with towerroot. My towelroot was working fine until I updated my phone. Now i can’t even unroot with supersu. I’m hoping admin can help. I really need help, thanks.

  42. s5lover says:

    if i click the button “make it ra1n” it say “this phone isn’t currently supported. what am i doing wrong?

  43. Dickbutt Enthusiast says:

    I’m using an att gs5 and unfortunately I ran system update before I installed towelroot and when I click make it rain, I get a message saying my device isn’t supported. Does anyone know when support will be added for updated att s5’s?

  44. Lanky says:

    I have my phone rooted verizon S5 rooted, but did not put a custom Rom on. For the past two days, my email, voice, dropbox, and other apps keeps force closing with the message “unfortunately, google voice(or other app name) has stopped.”

    Has anyone experienced this? It is non stop with many many apps. Also, my work email is not syncing since this happened.

    Can someone please make a suggestions, besides factory reset?

    Thank You


  45. Wog says:

    does not work! Close your browser into endless barage of new windows!I didn’t notice it for a minute, when I did there was over 250 windows with the URL,and it just kept generating more and more new tab.what a piece of shit!

  46. NeedUpdate says:

    TowelRoot no longer working on latest S5 update. Please update TowelRoot

  47. TeeJay says:

    I downloaded the app and hit the button “make it rain” and it said phone is not supported. I have an AT&T Galaxy S5 and its updated to 4.4.2. Why is this not rooting?

  48. SS says:

    Well I guess we will be waiting for the ‘next’ Towelroot. Seems that the developer now works for Google, he can’t update the last version of TR, contractually. And the recent AT&T OTA has made reloading TR impossible. Waiting for the next phase. BOO to AT&T. I have bloatware again.

  49. Jack says:

    Ugh I get the message that my phone isnt xurrently supported I just got a verizon g900v 4.4.2 any thoughts?

  50. D.J. says:

    I went to your site and hit the lambda symbol. All my phone wanted to do was open a new chrome window. Nothing else happened. Any idea what might have happened? Verizon S5.

  51. Chris says:

    When I hit the lamda symbol from my chrome browser, it opens 100+ new browers, and nothing happens from there. What gives?

  52. Michael says:

    So I went to the website, clicked the lamda and got to where it says “make it ra1n”. From there, it says my phone is not currently supported. What do I do??

  53. Aman says:

    hii i use towelroot in my Samsung galaxy grand 2 but when i click make it ran na think happen Tr is freeze plz help me

  54. Kevin says:

    I followed the instructions on rooting my Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V with Verizon and unfortunately, I get as far as downloading towel root, I open the application, I click on that icon, and then when I click on the link that says “make it rain”, an error pops up saying that my device is not compatible and cannot be rooted.
    It seems everywhere I look, every video I watch, every website I check out… I cannot seem to root my device. The only method I’ve been able to find is using towel root but obviously that’s not working. The reason why I want to root my device is because for some reason, when I put a micro SD card in my phone, my phone won’t let me delete anything that’s on the card, I can’t move any pictures, videos, or music from the phone too the card… the only thing I can do is save pictures that I’ve taken from the camera to the card. But if I want to delete those pictures, it tells me that Android doesn’t have permission to manage the SD card at all since 4.4.4 update or something like that.

    Do you know any way around this so I can manage my SD card? The only thing I can think of is rooting my phone but that’s not working out… is there any other method to rooting my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V?

    Thanks. Hope I get your reply back soon.

  55. nick says:

    Root broke private mode. Will unroot fix it?

  56. Terrance says:

    Anyone Know When the next root for kernel july 2014 comes out i’m dieing here . Or Is there another Method besides towelroot.

  57. Roy says:

    I have the same issue. “Device not supported” … Someone please help…!!!!

  58. Sly says:

    Galaxy s5 Verizon : I click on the lamda symbol, and it just spam opens an infinite loop of new tabs.

  59. rokjitt says:

    Just got Samsung Galaxy S5 from AT&T yesterday. I rooted successfully.
    I tried Titanium backup app. It works just fine.

  60. Abbey says:

    To those who get the error “phone is not supported”, you are probably using a kernel dated post June 2014. Latest OTA updates updated the Kernel and therefore cannot be rooted by Towelroot.

  61. Abbey says:

    Kevin, what application do you use to transfer the files? Do you use root explorer? If your using the stock file manager and cannot transfer files or do anything on the SD Card, try to reformat your SD Card. Or try to use another file manager.

  62. Danny says:

    After rooting my sprint galaxy s5 and superuser can I install a custom Rom without tripping the knox sensor? Or do I have to stay on a stock rom. Cause id love to install love a custom Rom but don’t want to trip the knox and void the warranty ive rooted with towelroot before but to scare to try and install a custom Rom any thoughts or answers?

    Thank you

  63. Denzel David says:

    I tried rooting, but it says that my phone isn’t supported. Help? Thanks.

  64. ivette says:

    Does this method work for a Sprint S5? Can you also install custom ROMS after rooting?

  65. tyler says:

    I was rooted and when trying to use titanium backup the other I realized I lost root. I think it was from and OTA update. Then I realized that towelroot doesn’t installed any longer. Really bummed. I reinstalled it and it say the same thing as others, “phone not supported” I bought this phone the day it came out thinking it wouldn’t be so restrictive! Sucks! If there’s a way to get root back please let me know.

  66. Corey says:

    Hi. Im new to this but when i was following your directions to download the .apk my phone just higlights it but nothing else. Should i be doing something before i try rooting? Or should i just get off my butt and do this through my computer?

    • Max Lee says:

      Try using another browser like Dolphin, I’ve seen a problem where towelroot site just loops and opens a bunch of new tabs on Chrome.

      • Angela Janssen says:

        I used dolphin today to download towel root, although I am running 4.4.4 Verizon and feel uncertain about what i have read that it will even work? Any thoughts?

        • Angela Janssen says:

          OK and we’re done!!!, and “this phone is not supported” I will keep trying to read the posts about how to get this piece of crap s5 4.4.4 rooted or something. Is it possible that I need to stop trying because there is no work around, no way to root this right now?

      • joe hen says:

        Max it seems alot of ppl r having problems trying to root or reroot after getting ng3 can you please show us what is going on or the right way to do it

  67. Dennis says:

    sm-900a with 4.4.2, getting a “device not supported” error. Any workaround yet that you know yet?

  68. Ice says:


    • Scott says:

      Can you explain this process to me. I don’t see I can install a zip file on a no rooted phone, to be honest I have no idea how to do this and would appreciate any help. I am not new to rooting, just never installed stock rom or to downgrade, thanks very much.

  69. Marshall says:

    How do you install the stock firmware? Details or link to a site would be really helpful.

  70. Norman Hirsch says:

    AT&T S5: SM-G900A phone not supported. running: 4.4.2 Baseband version G900AUCU2ANG3
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0-2178781


  71. Ahmed says:

    I got “Your phone is not currently supported” when I pushed the “Open” button. I’m using a Galaxy S5 dual SIM G900FD

  72. adam says:

    I have a Verizon mobile s5 I bought online and from USA and I’m in australia, does not install it just keeps opening pages on google chrome please tell me how to root my phone this is frustrating

  73. Luke says:

    Galaxy S5 active and tower root says it’s not supported. Please help?

  74. Scott says:

    I also can not get my S5 sm g900a to root with towelroot. Says not supported also. I have the newest kitkat 4.2.2 and it does not work.

  75. coty says:

    Can’t get past step 1? Click icon and nothing happens Verizon s5 4.4.4

  76. butch says:

    I have already done a software update and when I click make it rain on the towelroot app it says does not supprt current software. is there any sure way to reverse back down to original software

  77. Patrick says:

    I tried rooting my AT&T S5 with towelroot and when I get to thethe make it rain page, it tells me my phone isn’t supported. Help………….

  78. christian says:

    it tells me my phone is not supported when I hit the makeitrain button. im on a Verizon galaxy s5. what could be wrong?

  79. joe hen says:

    I just got my att s5 and i also got an update now im on ng3. I cant find anyway to root my phone from ng3 build anyone have any clue what to do??

  80. Paul says:

    Ihave a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 4.4.4 When I hit “make it rain” it says my phone is not supported. I am sure you are working on making towelroot work with 4.4.4, is there any projected release date?

  81. steven says:

    its there any updates for the s5 for att it said not supported

  82. BC says:

    My S5 on ATT is not supported. Great, now what privacy did I just give up. smh

  83. Bruce Samuelton says:

    So I have a SM-G900R7
    This model isnt listed in the supported models above.
    Will either of the methods work for this one too or do I have to wait for someone to develope a root for this model?
    I’ve already been waiting for a long time, should I just give up on the idea of rooting my phone?

  84. jorge says:

    I donated and do not have no service, I could not continue

  85. ahmed says:

    Does this work for hacking games on the phone ?

  86. Paul says:

    Will towel root work for att galaxy s5 build number KOT49H.G900AUCU2ANG3 ?

  87. Tim says:

    Downloaded towel root and installed. Says my version is not supported? ?

  88. jared says:

    Lots of questions in here about not working with 4.4.4… Is there any plan to release an update to support 4.4.4 please? Thanks!

  89. Danny says:

    Man, I can’t even count the amount of people who have reading comprehension problems. All of your questions are answered already. NO, you’re not doing anything wrong. This exploit is dated and no longer works on updated phones. There is a loop issue in Chrome. STOP TRYING IN CHROME. In order to flash a previous Kernel you need to use Odin. How? Do a search in your web browser on flashing with Odin. Stop being dumb.

  90. Brandon says:

    Whenever I click on the sign to download the apk it opens an infinite number of the website but didn’t download anything.

  91. Ev T says:

    I have a Galaxy S5 Active from AT&T running 4.4.2 Model Number SAMSUNG-SM-G870A.
    Does the TowelRoot method work on this successfully?
    Thanks for any help guys.

  92. Orlando says:

    Tengo este modelo SGH-I337M con el android 4.4.2 y quiero saber si este metodo TowelRoot fumciona ? Gracias

  93. Marco says:

    I need help its saying that my phone isn’t currently not supported

  94. jad says:

    Holy fuck you people are illiterate. As a dozen people have already said, this method (towelroot) is deprecated! It will not work on up to date versions of Android!!

    I wish whoever wrote this article would come back and delete it or at least update it explaining that the method it describes no longer works.

    • jay says:

      I totally agree with you JAD. people don’t know how to read first before posting the same question, problems they are experiencing with this root method. If I’m not mistaken this thread started last July 2014 a lot of updates have been pushed to at&t and Verizon phones. Its now April 2015 learn to read first before posting redundant questions!!

      To admin!

      Please update your thread indicating TOWELROOT is no longer working for updated android version.

  95. cami says:

    after I do it all it says my device isn’t supported but I did all of the steps like it said. Can you please email me and help?

  96. A says:

    Need help never rooted before but need to so I can install hidden spy tracker on wife please help

  97. disappointed says:

    What the heck this is a virus you douche

  98. Tony Pacheco says:

    Towelroot only opens up 30+ pages only and never starts download

  99. Joe says:

    When I try to root and i press the makeitra1n button it tells me that my phone is currently supported

  100. Wes says:

    I’m not sure if this is a stupid question or not. I have a unlocked Galaxy s5 active sm-g870a. I’ve been trying to get straight talk to activate it on Verizon cdma. They are telling me it’s not possible. So I talked with Samsung and they are telling me it will work on cdma as long as it’s unlocked. So if it won’t work is it possible to root it and install the Verizon rom on it? Thanks, Wes

  101. john says:

    So.. as at &t no longer is working for towelroot… can someone give me an updated place to go? Thanks

  102. Zach says:

    Hey, I know everyone is having the issue of the s5 not being supported. Just waiting for the towelroot to work on the most recent version of the phone.

  103. Shane says:

    Hello I have a cricket s5 have rooted using towelroot worked fine. Can i install a custom recovery via odin or must I use safestrap??

  104. Rishabh malla says:

    i have model SM-G900H it says “this phone isn’t currently supported”

  105. jimmy says:

    When I click make it rain it says this phone isn’t currently supported .what does that mean

  106. shadrick says:

    Towelroot does not work anymore what are the new steps

  107. Sam says:

    anyone know a new thread that gives the updated steps (or if that even exists yet)?

  108. lari says:

    Installed the apk but the make it rain button tells me my phone is not supported. I have sm-g900v with Verizon. Any thoughts?


  109. Damon says:

    It said “device not supported on mine. Then a bunch of security stuff popped up, and ended up uninstalling it. Did this haalppen with anyone else?

  110. Drew says:

    Are there any lollipop roms for AT&T Galaxy S5?

  111. smasung says:

    I just used this method on a sm-g900r7 and it worked fine…

  112. cmw787 says:

    PLEASE HELP! I have the S5 with Verizon. After they pushed the new Lollipop OS to our phones, it ruined them. The only help offered was to do complete factory reset. I did the reset and decided to root with Odin since Towelroot isn’t compatible. I followed the instructions to the letter and now my phone is stuck in recovery boot mode. I have wiped cache and data and attempted factory reset but it still goes into recovery mode when I turn it on. Can you point me in the direction of how to fix this please?

  113. cenk says:

    when i hit the make it rain buton at towell app, it says this phone isnt curruntly supported ?

    what should i do ?

  114. steve says:

    What are the odds of getting to unlock bootloader like we did on the evo 3d’s?

  115. Jon says:

    I have a Verizon S5 running Kit Kat 4.4.4. Towel root does not work on my device. So how can I get it rooted? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  116. Devin says:

    I tapped on Make it ra1n but it said my phone isn’t supported, yet I’m using a GS5. Help please

  117. Heather says:

    I’m having the same problem. I have the S5 with the new 5.0 Lollipop version and my phone isn’t supported. I have towelroot v3 installed.

  118. Dalton says:

    Is there anyway to root an stock galaxy s5 verizon running lollipop 5.0? I just recently purchased the phone and would like to root it! I am finding roots for the older s5 and ones that are not verizon but i am having trouble finding how to root a new s5 running lollipop? Thanks for replys!!!

  119. Marcus says:

    I have an AT&T S5 Active. Are the ROMS for the S5 compatible with the S5 Active? To install Safestrap, do I follow install as a S5?

  120. Antonio says:

    Will it work for android 5.0

  121. david says:

    Towelroot says that my s5 is not compatible are there any other way to root my phone ?

  122. alan says:

    I have this working but cant find any 5.0 roms for it?

  123. steve says:

    Where is the person in charge of this thread? People have been asking for his help for a long time now ,
    And still no response. If you are not going to update this or answer questions from those people needing

    Help then you should scrap this page.

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry I just saw this, but there’s no root method for AT&T or Verizon on Lollipop, if you want to root it, I suggest you to switch carriers, there will probably be no new root method unless we get very lucky.

  124. wouter says:

    Hi, Have a S5 AT&T, got it rooted when it came out, upgraded to 4.2 OTA which broke the root. Now my update to 4.4 fails. What you suggest? restore stock firmware 4.2 (4.4), hope OTA will succeed to 4.4 and OTA to 5.01. Or should I get a custom Lollipop? What is my best choice?

  125. Mike says:

    So currently no root option for AT&T S5 v4.4.4?

    • Mike says:

      So I did a bit more digging into this. Anyone seeking to root AT&T GS5 900A should try the method documented here on the XDA Developers forum. Worked great for me –

      • Ravi says:

        Its not working Mike, I have tried Its saying “this phone isn’t currently supported” I am using AT&T S5.
        Let me know if you find anything. I want to upgrade my OS Kitkat to Lolipop.

  126. Nadia says:

    Hi, I tried the root app but the install button seems to be disabled. I am able to download the towel root tr.apk file but once it I want to install it the install button does not work. The cancel button does work. Is anybody experiencing the same problem? Does anybody know how to root Galaxy S5 version 5.0? Your help wold be really much appreciated. Thanks!

  127. Nadia says:

    Oh, and it is a Verizon phone!

  128. Bro says:

    Do I have to use a custom rom

  129. ilpleasu says:

    I have a rooted VerizonS5 on 4.4.4 NK7, how to install SS on it so I can install custom roms or upgrade to 5.01 or higher?

  130. abu_maryam says:

    please I want root for SM-G900V 5.0 >> *_*

  131. Miguel says:

    Device not supported. G900a I’m 4.4. 2 any other method?

  132. Glen Hall says:

    My sm-g900a is running android 4.4.4 any suggestions on how to root my phone? I have tried towelroot but it just says phone isn’t supported. Can someone help me out?

  133. Michal says:

    TOWEL ROOT is not working anymore, we need a better solution. The person who created this APK was transfered to Google as an employee and he made all the necessery corrections to remove root from this apk. I don’t know why he left this website and towelroot apk.

  134. Maria says:

    Hi, there is any way to root an G-900A with Lollipop already installed? Thanks for your help

  135. Andre Luigi says:

    Could help me get back to version 4.4.2 / 4.4.4 ? Paragraph updated version 5.0 have not more the language ( Portuguese ) , then I would vote paragraph version stock .
    You fast teria um tutorial How DO IT ?

  136. benjamin says:

    well there now is a working root method for verizon samsung galaxy s5 on the bok3 last verizon ota it works and is easy to do in fat it’s way easyer then towelroot

  137. Adrian says:

    Towel root not working on my Samsung galaxy s5. Sm-g900a I have kit Kat version 4.4.2 I read everything and it say that towel root supports kit Kat 4.4.2 but it does not. This is a hoax site with nothing but lies. And as for the liars saying that it does work and that people don’t read I say look again smart one. You are three fool.

  138. Wilber says:

    how root sansum sm-g900A with android 5.0?
    help me
    thank you

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