TWRP Recovery now Available for Galaxy S5!

For those of you who love TWRP Recovery, TWRP Recovery is now available for any Qualcomm-based Galaxy S5.


TWRP Recovery does pretty much exactly same thing as CWM Recovery.  There’s one thing TWRP Recovery is better at, which is that you can connect OTG-cable to connect your USB Flash drive for storage.  Whether you are installing a new custom ROM or backing up your current ROM, with TWRP Recovery you will be able to use a completely external USB flash drive for storage.  Of course, you will need an OTG cable, which you can pick up on Amazon for couple bucks.

Get TWRP for Galaxy S5 here.

Which do I prefer?

I actually like both.  I like CWM recovery because of its compatibility with ROM Manager app (on Play Store), which I think is better than TWRP recovery’s Goo Manager app.  Again, TWRP recovery is better than CWM recovery because of its OTG capabilities.

As far as open source, TWRP is supposedly more open-source so developers prefer TWRP more or less.

But it’s good to have both recoveries, that’s more choices for consumers like us.

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