Galaxy S5 Root FAQ

*Note – Before installing a custom ROM, you will need to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 first.

Don’t know why or what is rooting Galaxy S5?  Please see this video explanation first.

Don’t know what is a custom ROM and what it can do for you? See What is An Android Custom ROM.

If you are wondering what rooting does for you, see Why root Galaxy S5?

How to Root Galaxy S5

For rooting Galaxy S5, please first see How to Root Galaxy S5!

After rooting Galaxy S5, please make sure to make a backup ROM at least once!!!  See How to Backup/Restore ROM on Rooted Galaxy S5!

Don’t know how to install custom ROM?  See How to Install Custom ROM on Galaxy S5!

Currently, all Galaxy S5 models can be rooted except AT&T and Verizon models, which have locked bootloaders.  When a root exploit is found, we will update the site and send you an e-mail so don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail list to be alerted first!

Troubleshooting Rooted Galaxy S5

Bricked your Galaxy S5?  Need to return your phone for warranty?  Want to re-install stock firmware?

See How to Unroot Galaxy S5 with ODIN and Stock Firmware!

How to get OTA updates after rooting?

We recommend you install rooted stock ROMs instead (so you don’t have to re-root) but if you want to take OTA, you can re-install stock recovery.

Custom ROMs for Galaxy S5

Did you know that you can install international custom ROMs on T-Mobile/Canadian Galaxy S5?

Did you know you can install international custom ROMs on AT&T S5 with Safestrap?  If there’s AROMA installer, you can also remove AROMA installer.

Have Korean Galaxy S5 such as SM-G900S, SM-G900L, or SM-G900K?  See How to Install Custom ROM on Korean Galaxy S5!

Free Wifi Tether Hotspot for Galaxy S5

For Sprint Galaxy S5, see Hotspot Mod here.

100 Responses

  1. leonD says:

    IF I root this galaxy s5 will i be able to load apps onto my memory card? #highonandroid’14

  2. ibbie says:

    hey im from Australia and my model number is SM-G900I and there is no version for the Philz CWM Recovery what should i do?

  3. Devin says:

    Is there going to be an instructional wifi tether for Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P soon?

  4. JHed says:

    Is there anywhere to find out what the original stock folder structure is?

    In my ‘Storage’ folder I have a few folders labeled: UsbDrive(A,B,C, etc) and cannot delete them. Just curious if it was something I did or not.

  5. JOEL says:


    • Kim says:

      Not as of yet. I would try exchanging your lollipop s5 for one running KitKat still then towel root will work. I’m doing that tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.

  6. Ken says:

    The root seems to have worked and gone through but every time SuperSU is launched it is asking me to disable KNOX. I click OK and after a few seconds, I get “Failed to disable KNOX!”. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

  7. ShOcKeD says:

    Wondering when rooting will be available for the SM-G900H so we can exploit the Download Booster that has been deactivated, because Apex/Nova launchers only opens them but its still unable to run the function… by the way thanx for a great site

  8. Jason says:

    Thanks for the help!

  9. J says:

    When can we expect more ROM reviews?

  10. Giovanni Hernandez says:

    How come there is no download file for the Samsung model SM-G900v or Verizon’s model basically

  11. icekube says:

    Im have S5 Sprint G900p and was wondering if any of the customs roms that are out will work for my device. I notice roms available for other carriers but not sure if it would work on my sprint phone. If you could let me know what custom roms that are out for my device that will work I would appreciate it much.

  12. ron says:

    is there a way to root the s5 on a macbook pro?

  13. Steve says:

    Is there any custom roms out for the sm-g900p?

  14. O3UR says:

    is there a way to change the imei on the phone?

  15. firoo says:

    Hi friend I bought a S5 from Saudi it work very well. now I back to India and I’m not unable to use indian simcard its always asking for network unlock pin.. What can I do now?? plzzzz help
    Just show me the rooted method

  16. Frankie says:

    I have a SM-G900T. I have it rooted with custom recovery. Put a ROM on it… 4.4.2. It’s buggy as hell, but, works.

    I’m looking and looking for something that will show me, what ROMS are being developed for this device. I see Carbon has a build but it’s 4.4.2 and its buggy too (no camera, not haptic…).

    Is there a specific page or forum that will SIMPLY, keep me abreast of what ROMS might be coming, stability, release dates etc. Is there such a page or forum for this. Thank you for not complete ridiculing me for not being able to find this. I… have looked.


    • Max Lee says:

      Most ROMs I get are posted on XDA here:

      If my answer helps, please subscribe to my YouTube channel here. thx!

  17. SFBuzz says:

    Has verizon completely locked the root door? Tried towelroot v3 and got message “This phone isn’t currently supported”

    Verizon S5, SM-G900V, Kernel 3.4.0 build Thu July 17 2014…

  18. John Tufts. says:

    Yessssss U had same problem I did . Kernel build July 16

  19. richard says:

    i have the samsung s5 att
    this phone isnt currently supported

  20. david stone says:

    I have att galaxy s5 but a t mobile account I refuse to switch to att so is there anyway I can use it for my t mobile accnt. And can we root it yet it’s the( sm- 900a ) thanks

  21. Rahul says:

    Any help on unrooting a dual sim S5 (SM-G900FD)

    cant see anywhere help anywhere on this model. Thanks.

  22. Brian says:

    Hey I just watched your video on rooting your phone, I have a recently purchased Verizon samsung galaxy s5, and the towel root website is saying my phone is not supported, even though I have 4.4.2. I followed the instructions to the letter, has the root been made incompatible with the newer released Verizon phones? Just wondering. Thx

  23. Konstantinos Katsogiannis says:

    Will you upload a root method for Galaxy s5 g906s?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  24. S Melton says:

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 – towelroot opens, but when I press on the lambda, the page goes blank and won’t open or only the written program comes up, no option to download the program.

  25. sterling mount says:

    So when I am rooted with a stock Rom, do I need to do anything when tmobile has an update for kit kat or L?

  26. Ted says:

    I just purchased a new Sprint Galaxy S5, Software ver. G900PVPU1ANE5, hardware version G900P.04.
    I would like to root it.
    In one of the videos I watched,, at about 2:14, there was a caution about using a USB 3 cable. A USB 3 cable came with the phone package.
    My laptop I’ll be using to perform the rooting process only has UBS 2 ports.
    Would using the provided cable cause the problems mentioned?

    The video simply said there might be problems.
    So, if I were to plug into a USB 3 port, what kind of problems might it cause?

    • Max Lee says:

      Try using USB 2.0 for ODIN.

      • Ted says:

        As I said above, my laptop I’ll be using to perform the rooting process only has UBS 2 ports.
        Would using a USB 3 cable cause the problems mentioned mentioned in the video?

        Again,the video simply said there MIGHT be problems.
        I’m asking what kind of problems might it cause? Would it simply not connect?
        My laptop is connecting now with my phone. It connected when I used Kies3.

  27. robert says:

    Says su binary is not installed and supersu cannot install it. Where did I go wrong

  28. Darin says:

    Hey just so you know I am thrilled with the mod, it was everything I could have hoped for. The only thing is that a few days ago my LTE strength shot waaaaay down, to the point where I couldn’t watch YouTube. Normally I would think this is Sprint’s doing, maybe because I downloaded a few movies or used a shit-ton of data playing xbox, but for some reason I can still stream netflix, although it is considerably slower. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, wondering if I should do a reset on the phone, etc. anyways thanks again.


  29. Straf says:

    Hi did everything got Odin to say pass but when i do the volume up,home and power button .the S5 says recovery booting in blue then it says updating and then it shows the character lying down with a red exclamation mark with No command under it. at the top of screen it says reboot system now under it apply update from ADB, apply update from external storage,wipe data and so on Phils touch recovery doesnt open and on the bottom it says manual mode any ideas thanks Straf

  30. Austin says:

    I installed the custom rom (MOAR) with no problems. EXCEPT my Pandora does not want to work right. They claim not to support rooted phones. Any ideas on how to make it work ? Everytime it opens it freezes up the screen and then after 1-3 min it force closes if it doesn’t then I just pull battery. But I have tried uninstalling like 3 times and same thing, also tried using a cracked apk and got the same thing. I have used spotifiy and slacker they both work fine on the rom but its just not the same as the pandora…. Any ideas ? I hope so PLEASE HELP!!!

    Thank You

  31. Josh says:

    I’ve been tying to unlock the wifi Tethering on my GS5 for Cricket, but haven’t had any success. I was wondering if any one had found a way to do so. It’s a GM 900 AZ
    Would really appreciate some help.!

  32. Canyn says:

    I rooted my S5 but I was wondering if I can some how update the system software because it won’t let me because the phone is rooted. plus I was also wondering if you could give me a tip on how to change the boot animation because every method I tried online doesn’t do anything.

    • Canyn says:

      Don’t worry I figured out how to update my phone to 4.4.4 , root it, install CWM recovery and hack the hotspot on my own.

  33. andrew roberts says:

    Says “This phone isn’t currently supported”
    how do I root it
    dpi@swdd5701 #1
    Tue July 22
    Help please 🙂 I will donate!

  34. Henk Oosterveld says:

    Towelroot v3 says not supported.
    It’s an AT&T SM-G900A

  35. Henk Oosterveld says:

    Tried all three 1337 codes

  36. Amy says:

    When I run the .tar fil from Odin using method #2 I get Reset, then Pass, but then it hangs in Recovery Booting. Does it take a long time to boot or have you seen this issue?

  37. Ortticus says:

    Bro I need help, supersu and titanium back are not working on cm12, they send my phone into a bootloop and also apps are installing, titanium back just says asking for root access but nothing happens then it crashes and supersu doesn’t even open up, please help

  38. yang says:

    Hi, I want to ask how to get apps store after install custom ROM?

  39. Brian Barwick says:

    Need root for AT&T Galaxy S5 g900a

  40. Marin says:

    hallo everybody, i have a question, if i root my galaxy s5 and install a custom ROM for example the cyanogenmod will i be able to use the fingerprint scanner for unlocking the screen ???

  41. Jarred says:

    Can Tmobile and ATT roms work on the sm-g900f variant of the S5?

  42. Craig says:

    I have a different carrier then the ones shown. What info do you need to confirm that it will work for my carrier. My carrier is Bluegrass Cellular. It’s an exclusive for the south central area of Kentucky.

  43. msiam says:

    hasthe 1.5 zip worked for the NK4 build? I have rooted my GS5 and I get the message that Sprint wants me to order the WIFI hotspot. Payments, We done need no Stankin PAYMENTS!!

  44. A Rat says:

    How do I change the “SE for Android Status” from Enforcing to Permissive?

  45. GHuber says:

    I rooted the stock rom and PRL update now doesn’t work – anyone have any ideas? Sprint Galaxy5

  46. MIke De says:

    I have installed the 5.0 bootloader then the sprint 5.0 both international and US version, I keep getting modem fail’s after a couple minutes. Help… I have tried reloading the rom several times with same results. please help before I try and reflash 4.4.2 rom. Thanks

  47. Jose Gonzalez says:

    hi… im trying to root my galaxy s5 but it didnt work… can anyone help me?

    model: g900a
    android: 4.4.2
    baseband: ng3
    build: ng3


  48. tyler says:

    Hey max I really need make my att s5 completely stock. Its a work phone and needs to be sent back to att. Is this possible?

  49. Reg says:

    Hey I restored my tmobile S5 back from lolipop to stock firmware and re-rooted now I can’t install custom roms!!!!! Please help want to put cm 11 back on but It keep telling me that installation canceled.

  50. Andre says:

    I tried rooting it as shown in method two, but once I did “Step B” it hasn’t moved from the downloading screen. How long does the download usually take? Is there a way to return it to normal while it’s downloading?


  51. Arif redoy says:

    Please suggest me about custom ROM for Samsung sm-g900h

  52. Steve says:

    I did all the steps and now my galaxy S5 is stuck on the sprint screen. I can’t get it to boot up

  53. Nahema says:

    I want to root my S5 so I can retrieve deleted photos. I don’t want to install anything unless absolutely necessary for me to do so. Please help

  54. David R says:

    Hi I max I have a little problem, I followed your video to install philz recovery and SU on my sprint galaxy S5 that is on the latest firmware. But after following the guide the way you have it I couldn’t get SU to work saying it couldn’t find the binary code. Anyway after a bit the phone froze on the yellow sprint spark screen. So I followed your links to get the full stock tar and start again. So I got the latest version of philz I could find which is 6.57.8 and installed it and then instead of the SU zip file I clicked reroot inside the recovery and went to download the SU from play store. But before that I tried root checker and it said phone was rooted. However TI didnt work, so I grab SU from the store and when I went to check it out to get rid of knox all I get is a black screen when I try to open SU.. And then root checker says phone is not properly rooted. Any ideas whats going on or how to fix please?

  55. Jon says:

    How do I root a new s5? I can’t get it to work. It’s a new phone with lollipop.

  56. Kim says:

    ATTENTION ALL: ATT & VERIZON VARIANTS OF GALAXY S5 DEVICES RUNNING OTA LOLLIPOP CANNOT BE TOITED DUE TO LOCKED BOOTLOADER!! GEOHOT’S TOWELROOT WILL NOT WORK ON UPDATED 5.0 VERSIONS OF SM-G900Aor SM-G900v. Stop asking. And if you don’t know what any of the terms above mean, then you shouldn’t be f*inh with your phone to begin with! If you Dont know what it is – Dont f* with it!

  57. willy susilo says:

    Dear Admin,
    Please, can you make custum kernel for overclocking Galaxy S5 Exynos Octa (SM-G900H)?
    S5 Exynos Octa has Exynos 5422 processor. I had read 5422 spec, it has Quad core 2.1GHz + Quad core 1.5GHz. But, Samsung has downclocked at Quad core 1.9GHz + Quad core 1.3GHz to balance the performance of snapdragon Galaxy S5. I want to overclock to Quad 2.1 + Quad 1.5. It will be awesome! Much better than Quad 1.9 + Quad 1.3

  58. wouter says:

    Hi- I rooted last year my S5 AT&T using Towelroot on 4.4. OTA updated it to 4.4.2 and root was gone. At startup it showed my phone had a custom sign symbol. Now my phone receives a 4.4.4 update which fails with an interruption after about 30 seconds. I tried yesterday to ODIN using your setup to stock firmware 4.4.4 as my goal is to get stock lolipop. ODIN passed, but phone is still on 4.4.2 and OTA update still fails.Custom symbol at startup is not there anymore. Why going back to Custom failed?

    I like to get back to stock Lollipop or Custom ROM Lollipop rooted. ? Any suggestions?

  59. Michael tate says:

    I can’t root my phone for some reason I’ve spent hours trying and still no luck at all please someone help me please

  60. Michael Young says:

    Rooting S5 – T-Mobile – Downloaded the correct T-Mobile zip and ran Odin. All good until the reboot. Phone hangs at the black screen with Samsung Galaxy S5 in white letters. Have tried taking battery out, rebooting – always hangs. Any thoughts?

  61. Rick Garcia says:

    Hi, i own a galaxy s5 active would the roms for the regular s5 work?

  62. Daniel says:

    Can someone help me? My G900v will not to the OS which was stock. I have tried to flash the stock firmware but always fails as soon as it flashes. Any solutions?

  63. Anulizo says:

    Hi i have s5 galax sm-g906l is a korean made but the problem is i dont know why my phone doesn’t support a lte network in my country Tanzania in africa. I need a help from any body plz

  64. Les says:

    I have a galaxy s5 t-mobile version running on 5.1.1 – build is g900t3yvs1fol1 kernel version 3.4.0-54069288

    Already I tried to root one with this kernel version and it locked the phone to the point I was unable to use it. Fortunately, t-mobile took it back and I have a new one. I am a bit wary when it comes to root methods. Currently , I am looking for a method to root this one that won’t brick this one. I have rooted before – both a GS2 and GS3 with success. Is there a particular root method that will work with this Android build?

  65. Mike says:

    Your site sux. Update it.

  66. Chris Milot says:

    OK i did step by step on the SM-G900P Sprint Galaxy S5 but when i go into recovery mode i dont get into philz recovery mode nor do i get the option to run from zip. i have odin and all three programs you said i needed. Any help would appreciate it. Trying to get my hotspot unlocked.

  67. Mariah Polen says:

    Please advise once the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 can be rooted. Does anybody have any idea if and when this will ever happen? Thank you!!!

  68. LATOYA says:

    I am currently using an Unlocked AT&T Galaxy S5 G900A and have been trying to root it amd or get the latest update and have not been successfull at either now I know why thanks to you the bootloader is locked. I am not sure how to sign up or if this is what I’m doing now but I would like to be alerted when I am able to unlock hopefully with full instructions on how to do so…..Thanks in advance…..

  69. Joel Dreher says:

    I have tried several different rooting apps including Towelroot, Iroot for my Galaxy S5 of Boostmobile a division of SPRINT and have been unsuccessful.
    Please help.
    Thank you for your time.

    Joel Dreher

  70. gaurav says:

    my phone is samsung s5 model sm-g900h let me know how to change odin mode to normal mode plzzz help me

  71. inzamam says:

    how to root galaxy s5 marshmallow??? please do some thing.

  72. Robert says:

    Have VZW GS5 and rooted PB1 Lolli 5.0 (used Lolli Safestrap for root). I am very displeased with the battery life of Lolli, and want to go back to KitKat. Can someone provide instructions as to how to accomplish this, with links, so that it can be done successfully without bricking? Thanks

  73. Cire says:

    Hi, after rooting my galaxy s5 my phone is unable to download pretty much anything except apps from google play, files also wont transfer through bluetooth. Also, when my phone is powered on a yellow message appears saying “warranty bit: kernel” is this normal? Did i mess something up? I have Marshmallow 6.0.1

  74. Matt says:

    Hi, I have a straight talk version of galaxy s5, model number SM-S902L, should I use the Verizon rooting option or the regular option, because I hear these are off of Verizon towers but not sure

  75. Iftikhar says:

    I have galaxy S5 with Lollipop 5.0 showing model G900F under the battery sticker and also in about device and other apps but when I go to software mode it shows the model G9006V, Pls. tell me the reason. Moreover, I want to install Marsmallow. Pls. tell me the complete procedure to install Marsmallow on G9006V with G900F firmware.

  76. John B. says:

    ok so I followed your youtube video directions everything went fine til it reboots after copying over the super SU, it reboots but then just stays on the Samsung Galaxy S5 powered by android screen, should I unroot and start over?

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