Best Galaxy S5 Custom ROMs

This page will list the “best” Galaxy S5 custom ROMs geared towards noobs who need some advice to get started with custom ROMing.

Note: There’s no such thing as “best” custom ROM in reality, this page is just to help noobs get started with stable custom ROMs so their first installation will go smooth.

Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 6.0.1 – Without a doubt, this is probably the best custom ROM on the Galaxy S5, converting your S5 into a full-fledged Nexus phone along with endless number of awesome customization.

Insanity ROM – Convert your Galaxy S5 into a full-fledged Galaxy S7 Edge with this custom ROM!  This is a fully-ported ROM from a real Galaxy S7 Edge, meaning you will get all of the new software S7 Edge features right on your S5!

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  1. AaronMV says:

    Will you be developing ROMs compatible with the SM-N900H Samsung Galaxy S5? I normally used T-Mobile US phones but they have weaker specs compared to the international models. I’m not even sure what origin/region the SM-N900H is from (LOL). But I just realized this investment made it more confusing to find the right ROMs for my device. Grant it being unlocked and not full of bloatware and limitations set by providers, I’d still like to experiment with the ROMs you guys post on this site. I’m a phone technician by career and would like to continue delving into android software versions. Please let me know, I am in suspense and ready to ROM away this stock KitKat Touchwiz.

    • admin says:

      There should be ROMs yes, you might want to consider the Qualcomm-based international version, which should be supported better. Samsung Exynos on the 900H isn’t as supported well by the development community these days.

    • brent mayberry says:

      please help!! will omega rom work with S5 SM900P? Itried installing but loose all data and service. yes i am very new sorry and thank you for your help

    • alaagalal says:

      i want arabic rom to galaxy s5 sm-g900t breffered original rom

  2. TLuu says:

    Hey Max can you check out Shohat Rom on tmobile s5 and do a review for us please. I’m thinking about flashing it but wanted your opinion on it first plus I like the reviews you do on roms.

    • j says:

      Bro you should switcj to the shohat rom by for its the best rom out there i used it as a daily driver and as that its very stable snd fast an DC the battery life and chargetimes are so rediculously good its unbeleivable….i could go on and on but thate the BEST by far daily driver rom ive used hands down….

  3. Scott says:

    I just got a Sprint G900 Galaxy S5, WHich variations of roms can I flash on it?????

  4. Jerod Wickware says:

    Please help me someone, anybody………….I have been flashing all the Galaxy S5 ROMS and when they are on my device everything works EXCEPT the messaging on my phone. I can receive messages great BUT are not able to send any due to the ROAMING INDICATOR IS OFF. Is there a way to turn this on? I have seemingly tried everything. I tried the WIFI and MOBILE NETWORK sections but have no luck.

    • jeff says:

      Flashing just the stock csc file for your phone will return your messaging privileges. Make sure that att messaging (or whatever your equivalant is) is not deleted, frozen etc. May reset your phone if you flash the csc so make sure to do a backup and use this as a last resort. There are certain system apps that if removed they will affect your ability to text they typically have your carriers name involved. My rule of thumb on my g900a is if it says att just leave it. There are a couple you can remove but after a couple csc flashes and multiple failed attempts to restore data i decided it’s not worth the 20mg. If you have an app like titanium backup (or any app backup for that matter) you can force stop the stock messaging app and then restore data to it. Just the data first not the whole app.

      Also make sure that your rom does not have special requirements such as having to be on the “stock drive” when using safestrap with my g900a for example.

  5. Will says:

    Love your custom roms. Are any of them (specifically the X-note) compatible with the 900V?

  6. allan says:

    are they’re any custom rom for g900a?

  7. Riadh says:

    I want to root my SM-G9006V how can i ?? need help

  8. Kiran says:

    Hey. Does anyone know of any custom ROMS for the Galaxy S5 G870A?

    • admin says:

      I don’t think that much, I recommend getting the Tmobile S5 instead. I have AT&T Active S4, really good phone but absolutely no custom ROMs for it. I would imagine same thing for the new Active. This is because AT&T decided to lock the bootloader.

  9. Kiran says:

    What are some good custom ROMS for the S5 G870A?

  10. mike says:

    when are you going to be coming out with the Sprint Galaxy s5 custom ROMis there any out there

  11. Lanky says:

    Do you think androil L root rom will be available in the next few weeks ZedoMax???

  12. Joe says:

    Hello, I have galaxy SW-G900J (Okinawa, Japan). I am looking for a ROM to get rid of all the apps and stuff being in Japanese. I have rooted the phone all ready. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Rene says:

    What are some custom roms for an s5 verizon? looking for something really cool.

  14. bob says:

    Looking for a rom for the verizon s5 (sm-900v) I know people have asked this but I don’t see any replies. In thinking it might be to early since geohot just got root access about two weeks ago..but ya never know. Thanks for the help.

  15. Jack says:

    Are there any AOSP based roms out for the Verizon galaxy s5 yet?

  16. santinotoiney says:

    An anyone tell me if this app is wort

  17. Nate says:

    Any full reviews coming for some ROMs?

  18. Devin says:

    I just tried using Towelroot to root my Verizon S5 and it says my phone is not supported.. Why would that be when this root method is meant for the Verizon variant?

  19. Jj says:

    I want root and give rom

  20. Jj says:

    My mobile with root give me roms

  21. Diego says:

    And where are the Roms??

  22. pat cooper says:

    i have the sprint galaxy s5 im running the MOAR rom which is frickin awsome! was wondering what is the best kernel to use>

  23. Luis says:

    I need to know if I can use the Alliance rom on a G900A ATT with NG3 update?

    • j says:

      Yes of course any rom compatable with g900f yes you could flash all of the roms without aroma if the g900f roms part of xda just make sure they dont have aroma and they are not aosp…
      If you do find one with aroma installer that you like go to this link…:
      Also avalaibe on youtube..

  24. Julio Botelho says:

    What about SM-G900MD?
    There are no reference to this S5 dual model

  25. leandro says:

    Where they at doe?!

  26. antonio says:

    I downloaded the alliance rom and have been trying to change my theme but the ones that supposedly come with the rom are non existent is there a way to download them?

  27. Steve says:

    Umm… this post is blank-ish. :-/

  28. Arelle says:

    Was wondering, is there a version of the MIUI rom that is available for the Galaxy S5? I’ve been wondering that for, well as long as it’s been out…lol.

  29. BOBBY CAYMAN says:

    Hey max I’m looking for a rom for my at&t galaxy s5 that will make me able to change SElinux from enforcing to permissive any suggestions?

  30. blizzy mobile says:

    wow dynamic kat is the bomb…being with att i thought visx was pretty cool…but you get download booster toggle…you have a really cool dynamickat customizer app for everything…im going to try others..but for my 900a s5 ill roll with this thanks so much man for helping me feel ok with what i was doing with my device..i now flash with ease…has safestrap fixed the ram slots? i know i tried to use them and got soft bricked…i fixed it easily by going right back and recoverd it…first time for everything…u gotta really do alot to hard brick a phone..some are not as hard but itsscary when bootloops etc happen..there is no hotline..i bet that would make money…rooting smart phone call 24/ fun everyone hope thanksgiving was great for all

  31. Sajid vahora says:

    Plz help me
    I have samsung galaxy s5 aSM G900L

    But no option cal notification popup in call setting.
    Only one option in call status popup

    So what i do?

  32. BOBBY CAYMAN says:

    What do you think about the Visix rom?

  33. juan says:

    I have the galaxy s5 sm-g900r7 what roms can i install in it?

  34. tlopez1973 says:

    hey max i have a t mobile s5 with custom recovery alraedy and root can flash a att rom since i use att for service with no problem. and which att rom would be good ??

  35. blizzym0bile says:

    hi there everyone…im currently with at&t and have my s5 safe strapped recovery, also have flashed dynamickat rom…wow…thats all i can say..using it now a little over 3 months have i noticed the device change when i use it hardcore..with the debloat,apps i never needed gone and got rid of the ones that i dont need…this phone has got faster, no lag anymore….i notice the battery last’s so much longer..i havent taken any test but the use i get on a charge is working…i love this rom with the differnt customizing you can do with its contoller themer…changin boot animations to what you want in the notifacation bar is so worth it…i never had my s5 run and look like this stock…the guys that take the time to build these roms ty and i have donated…the visx rom also i can say worked on my att 900a model…guessing if you have a loced bl you know how it is to push the limits….well i dont feel held back…other than the fact i got in a fault….changing roms is easy!! i just got to tell myself stay away from rom slots!!! i got stuck when i tried…only time so far i got bricked…..not sure if they fixed this? when android l/lollipop is stable and worth it….im going to just get cm 12…and be done with touchwhiz im thinkin….IF YOU ARE WITH ATT OR VERIZON I CAN STAND BEHIND THESE 2 ROMS…WORK GREAT!!…one thing with visx i didnt get my regular sms to work..crash after sending message…would open back up no problem but yeaaah…i used a differnt mms app inwhich was annyoing seeing i got text but to not crash i had to use 3rd party…if you have any issues catch max’s vids hes got me grooted and droided up like hulk hogan!!

  36. jimmis says:

    Does anyone know what kernel I can use with shohat ROM on a T-Mobile s5 900t

  37. CaveHermit says:

    Have I got a doozy for you guys. The Readers Digest version.
    Wife got a Galaxy S5 from a family member this Christmas.. After playing and check it out I figured it was a clone. It’s got tons of WACKY stuff going on with.. Prolly got a nice piece of foreign malware on it. Random SMS texts out.. noticed an in flood of spam in my email.etc..etc… It a nice phone but it really needs to Re-Rooted. and have some nice ROM installed. Here are the spec from CPU-z
    CPU-Z ID
    Soc:MediaTek MT6572 1.30 GHz
    Cores: 4
    Architecture: 2x ARM Cortex -A7 @1.30GHz
    Rev: rOp3
    Process: 28nm
    Clockspeed: 695 MHz – 1.30 GHz
    CPU 0: 598
    CPU 1: 598
    GPU: ARM
    GPU: Renderer Mali – 400 MP
    CPU: Load var
    Scaling Governor: hot plug

    Manufacture: android
    Board: Ica72_we_jb3
    Display: ALPS.JB3,MP.V1
    Hardware: mt6572
    Android: Ver 4.2.2
    OPENGL: ES Ver : 2.0
    Kernel Architecture: armv7l
    Kernel Ver: 3.4.5 ( 1400736477)
    Screen Size: 6.13 inches
    Screen Resolution (pixels): 480×854
    Screen Density: 240 dpi
    Total RAM: 468Mb
    Available RAM: 63MB
    Internal Storage: 1.27 GB
    Available: 0.81 GB
    Root Access: Yes

    SO Bearing all that in mind, and with full knowledge that no repercussions will befall anyone that helps. Hit me with your best ideas, for ROOTing a ROMs for best performance from this POS.

  38. daniel says:
    Any upcoming review on this?

  39. Anon says:

    Do you plan on listing any roms here?

  40. Mike says:

    Hey! I’ve got a Galaxy S5 – rogers and I’m already have rooted and played with roms…my problem is that I tried to go bak to stock and the so called Rogers stock firmware is Bell. All my apps are Bell which is a issue as I’m trying to activate my crappie SureTap. Any thoughts?

  41. ismel says:

    Hi guys need help with my s5 from cricket. My spec are g900az and my base ends on NE7 looking fo a rom please help

  42. Robert says:

    Can you please tell me what is a best custom rom for galaxy s5 sm-g900f? I would like to instal fusion ROM, so can you also tell is fusion ROM working fine on this galaxy s5 model?

    Thank you

  43. Sharon says:

    Would really like to see a list of suggested custom ROMs. I am going to root my AT&T S5 and install custom ROM but really have no idea which ROM is good / fits my need….

    Any suggestions?

    Thank You!

    • Sharon says:
      Found it on anther post. 🙂

  44. OUSCA2007 says:

    where ARE the ROMS ?????
    plus do supply links for their download…. can one use the odin GUI to flash them???

  45. Yamalito says:

    Can I flash a T mobile ROM on a Metro PCS Galaxy S5?

  46. teekster says:

    Dose anyone know where I can find working custom rom for the cspire G900R7

  47. Siva says:

    SM-G900H is my gs5,pls help me to install cynogenmod 12 on it with a stock ui back up(which can be safely unrooted to stock touchwiz at anytime for warranty)

  48. Nick says:

    Hi everyone, I a bought a Verizon S5 – G900V (build number LRX21T.G900VVRU1BOC4) from Craigslist because I bricked my S4 trying to install Lollipop on it. The phone is great, but I have T-Mobile service and as a result I am getting crazy dropped calls and intermittent data coverage – to boot I have problems accessing my voicemail properly and most importantly I can’t use the services that I’ve grown so accustomed to: Wifi-Calling and Hotspot.

    Before I start studying on how to properly root my phone and flash another ROM – can someone tell me if its even possible to:
    1. Flash custom ROM on a G900V?
    2. Is there a ROM that will enable Wifi-Calling/Hotspot? and,
    3. If not, am I able to install the stock G900T ROM to access all of T-Mobile services?
    4. What’s the best thing to do?

    Thank you, Nick

  49. Filip says:

    Yes,try philz touch recovery or twrp.For hotspot install X-posed framework.

  50. Nas kop says:

    Any custom rom for G900FD dual sim?

  51. jenmusic says:

    I tried to root my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active G870A (Android 5.0) using towelroot & odin. In that process my phone got stuck on the logo screen. When I tried to fix it it was stuck in recovery mode. I did not back up my phone properly & somehow I managed to wipe my phone. I tried all the options in recovery mode, been researching the internet all day long since yesterday on how to fix this. So I thought I got somewhere trying to unbrick it & install a ROM. But I keep getting “FAIL” on Odin. I wish I would have left the phone as it was. I only wanted root to uninstall apps that I didnt use & to have full control over my phone. Can you help me please? I’ve left comments on threads all over the internet & no one is responding. And those who do respond, tell me to restore factory, or cache, etc. I’ve tried all that & come down to the fact I need to reinstall the system. Please help.

  52. Andre says:

    Need help. These root methods never ever worked or me or anyone I know. I follow and know al the steps. Odin lies and give me the Pass msg. But TWRP, PhilTch recov, or none of them can boot on my phone. I had to replace my Sprint S5. Recently had to use towelroot to root my last S5. Seems that app is gone now. Need someone to contact me to help me root. Mabe ou guys are missing some step or can help me root using an app or an option to put Superand Recov men on my phone to root. And I’ve been flashing Roms for years on multiple phones. Just the steps this sites give can’t work for eveeyone unfortunately. Any steps wpuld be much appreciated. And I’m willing to donate. Just these steps has never worked in over 4 years of me flashing ROMS.

  53. sarathy says:

    any rom for 900h

  54. Daniel says:

    Well… After using this ROM for near a week now its still got a lot of bugs the ” Rebinding ” the home & back buttons work for a short time then suddenly stop working until I reboot me phone then they suddenly start working again! Had a few freeze ups this ROM needs a good update: to iron these problems out! But other than that its a decent ROM but if these problems get resolved soon! I will be changing roms

  55. Nihal Bhat says:

    Can any one tell me any methods to install custom rom on my Galaxy s5 sm-g900h (exynos ).
    I can’t install any recovery. If I do it will be boot looped.
    I think the bootloader is locked. Any methods to unlock bootloader? ?
    Please reply guys..
    Thank you.

  56. Barak says:

    Anyone tried VRToxin v2 rom for klte (aka SM-g900f)

  57. Richy says:

    Hi, I have a G900m. There are any ROM that the fingerprint reader works?

    thanks in avance!

  58. MyS5Droid says:

    So, OP, where’s the freaking list? This is just a posting to get hits to the site… Useless. No list anywhere except in the user comments. Following this link was a waste of time, thanks.

  59. Arun verma says:

    My model no of galaxy s5 is SM G900FD IT’S A dual sim version and I m not been able to find the custom rom for this model. Please help me to find some custom toms for my phone

  60. ALAMIN says:

    My galaxy s5: which back side sticker write as sm-g900f but at recovery state with ODIN i got sm-g900p .
    For root i have use sm-g900p and i got “#” icon but not get root access yet. what i need to do to put marshmallow on my device. Please guide me.

  61. McDodge says:

    @MyS5Droid. You are everything that’s wrong with internet. Big mouth before engaging effort or asking in a polite manner for assistance. Look up at the top of the page and either hover or click on the ‘ROM’s’ title text on this very page. Its simple and very clear. Out of interest. Do you not think there would be many, many comments in the above list complaining there was no ROMS’s list if indeed this was so? More brain. More effort. Less gob!

  62. Hawk says:

    Thanks for adding me to yr Samsung gs5 list. I have an s5 that I kept after getting an s7edge. My wife isn’t ready to switch. when she is I’ll keep that phone too AND the sim. Where is a gd place top get usable sim for gs5?

  63. jaye says:

    Do I need to flash GApps if I flash the insanity rom?

  64. David Geffeney says:

    Did Resurrection Remix ROM w/ Android 6.0.1, I cannot believe how easy and awesome it was. First ROM flash ever for this noob. Thank you isn’t enough.

  65. Jimmy says:

    I don’t know why… But Resurrection Remix OS which is based on Lineage OS/CMW is draining all my battery life as quickly as it was on my stock Samsung Marshmallow ROM. I’d just like to found out a custom ROM which doesn’t do it. I’ve tested a lot of custom ROMs, but I haven’t found great differente between them. It’s like everything is based on CMW.

  66. Jim says:

    My Galaxy s5 Sprint (kltespr) has Resurrection Remix 7.1.2. Everything except the phone works. Clean flash of ROM and Gapps. “ has stopped”. I will appreciate Any ideas at this point. Really do not want to roll back to stock if I do not have too.

  67. Abdul Salam says:

    Give me your contact plz
    I would like to convert Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H to Samsung Galaxy S8 plz add the S8 rom

  68. jedcj says:


  69. mosha says:

    witch gapps do i need for my sm-g900p i put lineage 15.1 kltedv rom

  70. kelly says:

    why can’t i find a rom for galaxy s5 neo sm-g903w??

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