CM11 ROM for Galaxy S5!


For this week’s Galaxy S5 ROM of the Week, check out latest CM11 ROM. They actually have been around for few months now but I was reluctant to recommend them as camera wasn’t working. Recently, camera has been fixed, which I am sure many of you guys need to run as daily driver.

This CM11 ROM is not official but still will get you the ability to run pure Google OS without TouchWiz. And no, you will lose all of your TouchWiz features as CM11 ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?).

Now, CM11 ROM can be installed on most Galaxy S5 models, any S5 with Qualcomm-based processor.  But does not work with locked bootloaders and SafeStrap recovery, which means you won’t be able to install it if you have retail version of AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S5.

Supported Galaxy S5 models:

  • SM-G900F, SM-G900I, SM-G900M, T-Mobille SM-G900T, Sprint SM-G900P, and Canadian SM-G900W8
  • If your model is not listed, it may still work if you have Qualcomm-based Galaxy S5 (like US Celluar) but DO NOT INSTALL if you have Exynos-model SM-G900H as it will HARD BRICK YOUR PHONE! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!
  • If you have developer’s edition of AT&T SM-G900A or Verizon SM-G900V, you can install it but if you have regular, retail version, you cannot install as your bootloader is unlocked and CM11 ROM does not work with SafeStrap Recovery.  (If you feel sad about this, send AT&T and Verizon a letter that you want your bootloader unlocked on a device you paid full price for!!!)

The goods?

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28 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    Will CM 11 be available for Verizon galaxy s5?

  2. james says:

    I have successfully flashed this ROM an everything works including camera. However, after downloading Instagram application i cannot upload any photos nor share them to the app. Have u or anybody else ran into this problem?????

  3. Paolo says:

    It’s finally here! Everything seems to work except for what you mentioned above. Hope they release a stable version soon, some of the apps life facebook for example take a while to launch. Also some apps crash occasionally like the camera app.

  4. oscar says:


    • Abel says:

      You have to wipe the phone for new rom philz recovery gives u the option. Only problem i got other than the instagram problem is the lock screen when i get a message n dont look at it the phone wont let me unlock it so i have to restart it

  5. Saqib says:

    Will CM11 work with Galaxy S5 duos. (SM900FD)

  6. Ryan says:

    I’ve noticed over on CM11’s site that they now have a project called “kltespr” with nightly updates as recent as 9/14/2014. This is supposed to be for Sprint’s Galaxy S5, however when trying to flash it, recovery chokes and says my device is “klte” and it stops trying… I have a Sprint Galaxy S5, so how do I overcome this?

  7. Tom Harkins says:

    Here are the issues I’ve run across with this ROM. 1.) My clock will randomly reset itself, which has almost made me late for work once, and had me in the shower at 1:30am, because the clock said it was 6:30am. 2.)My eBay, Instagram, and Words with Friends apps will not update, saying “insufficient space available,” yet I have over 2gb of space left on the phone, not to mention the 21gb I have left on the 64gb card I put in there. 3.) Both ROM Manager and Goo Manager say there is an update, but do nothing when I use the apps to search for said update.

    I’m really hoping they’re just bugs, and will be fixed when a stable version is released and flashed.

    Anyone else have any weird issues like this?

  8. Hello,

    I’m from holland and have a few questions.
    I have a galaxy s5 gm900f and i will get CM11 on my galaxy s5 , when i finisch i’ll wil to cal but nothing hear.
    i’ll only hear when i touch de speaker option , can you help me?
    What do you think what is the best rom for the galaxy s5?

    thanks i love this side


  9. Something says:

    Rom works great. But 4g dosnt show in the upper bar, only lte. Anyone got the 4g working?

  10. Thi says:

    Anyone here experience LTE radio signal on tmobile?

  11. Nate says:

    Flashed this rom on my G900A AT&T S5 and just boots to blank screen. You stated that with the latest safestrap thats TWRP based (3.75) that any T-Mobile rom would work…tho, this CM11 is also for T-MO…it doesnt seem to work.

  12. Mike says:

    I just installed. How do I save apps to my micro sd card. I don’t have that option.

  13. Illyrian says:

    @Zedomax does this work on AT&T G900A?
    Please answer mate.

  14. Erik says:

    Mod works fine and is very stable!! I cannot make use of the Cyanogenmod update function though. When I download a nightly update, the system restarts, is in recovery for a 0.10 seconds and reboots. Not yet possible?

  15. leonard says:

    can i install 5.0 gapps on this rom

  16. Saleh Ali says:

    Do I need Android 4.4.4 to flash the ROM ? I have 4.4.2

  17. jason vaughn says:

    Only big issue I’ve come across so far is that video playback on videos I had previously recorded with the camera are very choppy. Bluetooth streaming seems improved. I don’t know why Sammys seem to have skippy bluetooth streaming on their stock software…

  18. c89memcpy says:

    You will lose the ability to make and receive calls or use 3G data, you will limited to 4G data and will receive the error “Mobile Network Not Available”. The developer was made aware on the github page and has not replied or pushed a commit in 3 months.
    If you already did this, this is how I fixed mine (flashing stock alone wont fix it). Flash system and boot back to stock, clear data and cache. Remove SD card & SIM, boot stock for 5 minutes. Replace cards and boot. Hopefully this saves you from having a 600 dollar PDA as well.

    PLEASE update the article with this information before more people fall into this situation, there are already a handful on XDA.
    By the way your spam detection is too strict, I had to significantly edit this post…

  19. antonio says:

    Has anyone had issues with getting the galaxy gear 2 or neo to work on this ROM if so how did u fix it ..I cannot get the wat to connect to the gear manager I downloaded straight from Samsung website

  20. louray says:

    Where can I find the updated version of cm11?

  21. Zarx says:

    Please fix the download link 🙂

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