Alliance ROM for Galaxy S5! [SM-G900F/G900I/G900T/G900W8]


For this week’s Galaxy S5 ROM of the week, check out Alliance ROM.

Based on SM-G900F European Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware, Alliance ROM can be installed on European (SM-G900F), Asian (SM-900I), T-Mobile (SM-G900T), Canadian (SM-G900W8), and probably any other Qualcomm-based GSM Galaxy S5.

UPDATE: There’s a new version, CLICK HERE to see it instead of this one!!!

I am currently running this ROM on my T-Mobile Galaxy S5 and one of the best features is that I can wifi tether on my grandfathered, unlimited data plan without having to pay T-Mobile twice for the same internet I already paid for).  You will lose Wifi-Calling though so don’t install international ROMs on your T-Mobile Galaxy S5 unless you don’t use Wifi-Calling much like myself.

Alliance ROM comes completely de-bloated (no bloatware) while keeping most of the core Samsung apps with 100% KNOX-free.  The major core of Aliiance ROM comes with its Alliance Manager and ROM Customizer app.

To get Alliance Manager app, you will first need to download ROM Customizer app from the Play Store and install the latest Alliance OTA Update (for me that was Update 4).

Once you get it working, you can fully customize your Galaxy S5 to your liking as it comes with over 10 different themes and ability for you to also customize almost every single color.

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25 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Will this ROM say 4G LTE like the stock ROM or will it just say 4G?

    • Tom says:

      I used this ROM for a bit and decided to uninstall it. Problems I had:
      1) Doesn’t tell me I’m on LTE or is not connecting to LTE;
      2) Wouldn’t connect to my Bluetooth headset;
      3) Keep showing the voice mail icon even though I use Google Voice for voice mail (couldn’t clear it and was just annoying);
      4) It actually seemed to use more battery life than the stock ROM.

      I’ve been using various ROMs on my S2 for sometime and this ROM seems okay, but with these annoyances/problems it just does not seem to give me any advantages over the stock or worth the “fight” to get it running properly. I can simply root and delete the bloatware I don’t want.

    • admin says:

      4G on this ROM equals 4G LTE.

  2. Jason says:

    I Just installed this Rom on my Unlocked T-Mobile Model, I’m having problems with Data for some reason Lte or ant type of data doesn’t seem to work. I can make out going calls but when i want to browse the web it tells me no network found. Any idea?

  3. steve says:

    after i updated to 4 some of the colors are really weird. there will be option menus that are all white and you cant see the wording. so far soundhound doesnt open and sometimes in the top part of the screen there will be two clocks overlapping and i have to restart the phone to fix it. hopefully the glitches get worked out soon

  4. help! says:

    hi i was wondering if you could go over or link directions to avoid getting caught by t-mobile for using mobile hotspot. I get the message once in a while and i’ve been trying to find a good vpn. Do you recommend any free vpn services or ways to avoid getting caught?

  5. rfb813 says:

    This Rom is supposed to wipe the internal SD card when flashed. What do we lose and how do we back up the internal SD. I am reluctent to flash this without knowing what can happen.

  6. Goldshot says:


    i search Rom’s like this on my Galaxy s5 G900H 3G version ?

  7. Kha Uong says:

    Do you have a stock kernel for the T-Mobile in a flashable zip format that you can share?

  8. HInkosn says:

    I am gettign E: unable to create brightness sys file. plus no Alliance ROM is loading it start and my phone just goes back to recovery. can someone help?

  9. D821 says:

    How can I update to Update4? i cant flash it or the theme updates without getting the dead android O_O please help…so far this rom is great with xposed module over it….no complaints

  10. Andy says:

    I installed the ROM yesterday on my S5-G900F but the bluetooth does not work. any suggestions?

  11. dexter says:

    I have am s5 SM-G900H will the ali ancestors software work on it .

  12. Nasir Khuaja says:

    hey i don’t know why when i open alliance manager i get an error on the page even when i use the latest update as shown on the video would you please help me

  13. Mcflurrylame says:

    Hi sir! thanks for the rom. Very nice. Where I can get your S5 green case? Im intresting 😉 tq

  14. Fernando says:

    Any rom for the g900h?

  15. David Orisekeh says:

    I need a full details on h how to uninstall Alliance rom from my Samsung galaxy s5

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