How to Install Flash Player on Galaxy S5! - Page 2


Congrats!  Now you should be able to browse any Flash-enabled website easily with your Galaxy S5!



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5 Responses

  1. Elginilwilloby says:

    I have just recently rooted my Sprint Galaxy S5 using your instructions and all is well. I downloaded the Adobe Flash Player 11.1.apk and when I go to the download folder and click on it and I check Unknown Sources for this installation only, the next screen brings up the cancel and install buttons but cancel is the only one that the system will allow me to check. Clicking on install does not do anything. Help.

  2. Any says:

    I recently download my digital copy movie but somehow i cant play it can you help me please

  3. Drewmanchu says:

    Max, I was wondering how to get flash player to work for MyVegas app on F.B. in desktop mode on the s5? Flash works for on my phone through your awesome tutorial but, if i try myVegas it says must install flash. Is their away around this?

  4. Jon says:

    Just wanted to say thanks Max for the Flash! Awesome!!!

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