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Don’t see a firmware for your model?  Shoot us an e-mail at zedomax [at] gmail dawt com with your S5 model number/country and we will try to get it on here real quick.

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  1. Shan says:

    Any stock firmware for Koodo Mobile ? (belongs to Telus)

  2. cms says:

    me on I would like to see some more videos about the galaxy s5 like you always do

    how to enable download Booster how to enable call recording and more

    • admin says:

      def. working on that next.

      • I have a SM-G906S and I got a bootloop I know to flash with odin cus it is a softbrick but i can not find stock rom!
        It’s hard to make and ID on
        (제가 SM-G906S 를 가지고 있는데 오딘으로 순정 돌리는 것은 할줄 압니다만 순정 롬을 찾을 수가 없어요!
        소개 해주신대로 샘모바일은 아이디를 만들기 힘들어요(이상한 그림 맞추기 때문에)

      • keli says:

        hi, i have the galaxy s5 lollipo verizon sm-g900V.. i want to change the language but i don’t find all of them..i want to put french language but i only have english and chenes,korean language? how can i do to change that?
        do i need to root the s5?
        if i need to root the s5, can i use pingpongroot ? ( i am not an expert of root so i want to use this app )
        pleas help me.

  3. Fernando says:

    And romss for the Exynos international??? G900H

  4. Saqib says:

    The link above for the G900A (AT&T version) states that the file is there for unrooting the phone and putting it back to stock. I was wondering if you could guide to root the G900A. Its my first android phone, im a noob.

    • admin says:

      There’s no root method yet for AT&T version, you may want to sell it and get the T-Mobile version.

      • jeff says:

        There is a root method for the at&t version of the galaxy s5
        G900A. Use towelroot on the stock NCE kernel once rooted flash the updated kernel NG3 through odin. Your rooted

  5. Ara jabar says:

    my s5 is over heating like crazy …will installing this room help me with the issue ?

    • Christpher says:

      That happened to me as well. Is yours rooted? All you need to do it return it to factory firmware and it shouldnt overheat anymore.

  6. craig says:

    Hiya do u have stock rom for G900F??

  7. sanjitbhattrai says:

    hi do u have a stock firmware for united arab emirates sm-g900f

    • admin says:

      Try they should have it.

      • Frank Beck says:

        im just gonna go out on a limb here and say is full of shit, if its not my apologies. I tried getting a rom, and oh look…redirects, ads, more garbage. Looks like shit, I don’t trust it

  8. Rodrigo Andrade says:

    I need a stock rom for MetroPCS?

    • Max Lee says:


      • Jacob says:

        i need help
        so my galaxy s5 g900w8 was stuck on 4.4.2( it was because of my network company) and i recently updated it with a Canadian stock firmware which it does work fine but my 4g doesn’t work i dont get a signal at all
        i have perfect reception to make calls and stuff but my 4g went rip
        is there something i can do like an app or a setting

  9. david says:

    I’m trying to do ota update but it recognizes my root and won’t allow. Some say is because phils cwm. Any idea or just flash stock, update and reroot.. I only want to update because I rooted and then downloaded some bunk app that some memory and cause spots and I couldn’t get rid of. Now I lost download booster and am hoping it is in the update I need.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can reinstall stock recovery then remove root easily using SuperSU app, then you should be able to take OTA updates, let me see if I can do a video tutorial soon.

  10. julio perez says:

    any for verizon?? SM-G900V

  11. kevin lee says:

    MAX LEE, never mind that i already did solute it. thanks

  12. trock4u says:

    I need some help please. I have a GS5 AT&T with the baseband version G900AUCU2AND3 rooted with Towelroot. what can I use to put it back to stock and unroot

  13. avi says:

    i got SM-G900A AT&T for usa
    can i get rom that iclude hebrew ?

  14. SS says:

    There was an AT&T OTA upgrade the other day. Towelroot was easy, fast, simple. For some reason i accidentally deleted the contents of my Titanium back up data folder. I lost root. I tried to figure something out; dumb me. I factory re-set my phone. I dl’d Towelroot again. It says this device is not recognized. You think it’s something in the update, is there a fix? Thanks again you ARE the MAN. Been with you for years. Great job. Can’t thank you enough. Peace.

  15. ale says:

    i bought a galaxy s5 on amazon international version, wich country/region should i download (im in mexico)

  16. donte says:

    I did this it in rooted everything works except for my WiFi will not work

  17. Deep says:


  18. Eduardo says:

    Is there a root for a sm-g900i???

  19. Brent says:

    Would you be able to add Sasktelmobility Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8

  20. juan says:

    Is there any roms for the samsung galaxy s5 sm-g900r7?

  21. Andres Soto says:

    I need the original firmware for S5 Sm-G900M, the one without any boot logo of any company, Can you help me with that?

  22. Waseh says:

    Hi, I have galaxy s5 g900h. When i clicked on galaxy s5 stock firmware on you website and clicked on”Exynos Octa core” then the new page opened and there were alot of stock firmwares for exynos variant. I just wanna ask you, does region makes a difference ? or i can download stock firmware for exynos what belongs to any region.Thanks

  23. Michael Camacho says:

    I would like to install the international firmware in my S5 will it work?
    I have the SM-G900S – Korean Version
    Is there a difference in the apps and features between them?

  24. Gino says:


    I have the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G901F Android 4.4.4
    Baseband v G901FXXU1ANI1.
    Kernel v 3.10.0-2517923 dpi@SWDD5813 #1
    Buildn KTU84P.G901FXXU1ANH6
    Status SE for Android

    have tried different ways to root the damn thing butt no sucsess !!!

    Does anybody know if this is possible ?? NEED ROOT !!!

  25. Gino says:

    Hello again

    never mind
    i found wat i was looking for
    ROOT acsess for the Samsung S5 SM-G901F on Android 4.4.4
    check link below

    it works

  26. Jason says:

    Can I burn a Tmobile ROM into a AT&T phone? I switched from ATT to Tmobile and now I am stuck with ATT’s ROM on my device

  27. jacob says:

    When I download the sprint galaxy s5 android 4.4.4 stock firmware and extract it, it’s not in tar.md5 format please help.

  28. steph says:

    its requiring a password for the zip file for the tmobile stock rom, anyone wanna help me out with this?

  29. James says:

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 sm-g900 overseas used it for a month and went to format to the factory settings. After doing so it came up with a model number F037 just curious as to what firmware I should download for it? Thanks Inside the phone it says it’s a model:sm-g900f.

  30. 토니 says:

    att 갤럭시 s5 을 샀는데요

    4.4.4 업대이트을 하고 루트 하려고 하는데 안돼서

    4.2로 다운그래이드 하면 루팅이 잘될것 같아서

    sammobile에 있는 펌웨어 4.2을 받아서 했는데

    동그란 삼성로고 진행중에 멈처버리네요

    답답해서 님거 4.4.4 로 다시 해봐도 똑같은 현상만 일어나는데

    어떤식으로 Stock Firmware 을 제대로 설치해 이고통을 벗어날수가 잇을까요

    님꺼 Stock Firmware 파일 종류가 4개인데 제일용량이큰 파일만 설치 햇거든요

    나머지 3개도 설치해야하나요?

    티모빌 Stock Firmware는 파일이 하나던데.. att는 4개라 헷갈리네요

    답변좀 부탁 드릴게요

  31. mike gordon says:

    Seriously worried…. I’ve played around, installed fusion and lollipop for fun. Now I’m trying to run my OEM software and I keep coming up with Bell bloatware on my Rogers S5……????? Sadly I need the Rogers crap so I can run my Suretap software as I have a credit on the Sim card I want to use. I’ve downloaded every file I can find saying Rogers, factory reset, wiped caches and davliks before Odin installs and I keep coming up with Bell. What am I doing wrong??

  32. markos says:

    Hi i have a SM900F and i am new to this rooting thing and before i try to root my phone i want to be 100% sure that i can fix it if something goes wrong…so if i try to root it and fail and for some reason won’t even opening what can i do to make it go back to factory settings??? Is this stock firmware work even if my phone won’t turn on?? Thanks in advance..

  33. Bill says:


    I’m dumb as a rock when it comes to this stuff BUT I did manage to root my AT&T S5 4.4.2 G900A and have access. I guess I thought it would just magically work after gaining access.. Unfortunately I still can’t create a hotspot. The switch just toggles back to off and I get the same old “mobile data is not available or invalid sim”. I can’t seem to find what I need to do next on your website although it’s probably there. Would you be kind enough to point me in the right direction?

    • Julia says:

      I have the same problem. everything was working, besides now I lost my data, even I have insert my sim card. Now what should I do?

    • Julia says:

      never mind, I got it work.
      it’s just there are 4 files in the zip, when I run it, I don’t know which one I should have use. so after I install all 4, everything back to normal. Thanks!

  34. Ranjan says:

    Great walk-through. Thanks.

  35. jose says:


    i have a doubt, S5 900F – once i try to put a firmware version that was previous that the one that i had on my phone, and it activated a flag on knox, are you saying that, to unroot my phone (because of warranty) i have to install the same firmware of the phone, but i have to get it on samobile, and that will unroot the phone?

    thank you for your help

  36. felix says:

    Max need help I’m looking for stockfirmware for sm-g900t version 5.0 can’t get sam mobile to down load but they do have it can you please update your s5 stockfirmware page thankyou for all your help too your the best

  37. wilfredo duran says:

    Por favor publicar un link para uno de Verizon SM G900V Gracias.

  38. Negro says:

    For T-Mobilr GS5 , the stock lollipop rom 5.0 is SM-N900T ?? No troubles with the SM-G900T?

  39. Djean says:

    I need the firmware 4.4.4 for SM-G900A, I can’t find anywhere else.
    Can you help me?

  40. shuvo says:

    My galaxy s5 firmware is xsg kitkat. Can i flash other region 5.0 lolipop firmware like evr/dbt ?

  41. ram says:

    hello i have s5 sm g900f i would like to ask if there is an update soon for the XSG carrier in UAE?

  42. Chris says:

    hi, i have an unlock Canadian version of S5 that I messed the ROM with by trying to uninstall SuperSU.
    Should I use the stock firmware from the original carrier (TELUS) that the phone was with or my current carrier (WIND)?
    Will restoring to stock firmware make my phone locked to that carrier?

  43. Saad says:

    Hello.can i install any other country firmware in my Samsung S5 G900F.
    anyone one plz……i live in Pakistan and cant find that firmware.

  44. khurram says:

    hi guys i need arabic firmware for g900t plz reffer me link or plz give me flash file.


  45. Fabiano says:

    Não encontrei a stock para o SM-G900M do Brasil

  46. leslie says:

    Want to take my Galaxy S5 G900P back to Kitkat. Cannot stand lollipop. I get my hone to Odin then it just stalls at that downloading screen. Trying to download Download Android 4.4.2 VPU1ANCB Firmware for Sprint Galaxy S5 SM-G900P from above but just get a white con that says unconfirmed and nothing happens. I did put my phone in developer mode. This is all new to me. Any help appreciated.

  47. mike says:

    No luv for sm-s902l straight talks 4.4.2 samsung s5?

  48. Teek says:

    Cspire g900r7 stock firmware

  49. tonisanto says:

    Hola chicos….tengo un s5 att oficial…sin root….puedo quitar lollilop 5.0 para volver a stock firmware 4.4.2 …usando el firmware de Sam Mobile más odin??? Y ya esta????

  50. wrbaldwin says:

    I have a SM-G900i on the Optus network in australia, Pls suggest the firmware i require.

  51. alex says:

    Does anyone know if i can stick the EE stock rom on a Vodafone s5?

    Help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  52. Sanzhar says:

    So I unstalled this rom for my g900t version, but it doesn’t come with russian language, I need it cause I am about to sell this phone and wanted to put out of box firmware and stuff. (I was using cyanogen and other custom roms) Is there any way I can find a Rom with bigger language pack or something, cause originally it had russian language. Thank you in adnvance

  53. m says:

    Hi, the link for the s5 model g900w8 for bell Canada is not working, please fix!

  54. greg says:

    the link for s5 sm-g900a doesnt work

  55. Kian says:

    I have galaxy sm-g900a from at&t and its sim unlock.

    how to install another firmware for example international firmware!?

  56. Shaheen says:

    What will happen if we are flashing galaxy s5 PDA file from U.A.E in ksa

  57. Joao says:

    hi i have rooted my sumsung galexy s5 g900f but its giving me problems so i wana unroot it back to stock but not sure what rom to download im in South africa is there a way to to see what rom i need

  58. Swan ye pyae says:

    I can’t download & find SM-900F 6.0.1
    Please help i want to convert s7 edge

  59. Oscar says:

    i can not find G900AUCU4BOF2 5.0 for at&t stock firmware
    any help please master,,where can i find it?

  60. Robin says:

    Hi,There’s a problem in the zip file. I downloaded Galaxy S5 SM-G900F KSA Frimware.Then When I want to extract It says Zip archive corrupted. Please help me to fix this or give a fresh link to download the latest frimware Thanks.

  61. A says:

    i bought a galaxy s5 g900F on amazon international version, which country/region should i download (i am in India)

  62. Dario says:

    To SM-G900M
    Please bro !

  63. Sahidcan says:

    My galaxy s5 g900F after complete boot the screen just hangs/freeze and the screen will turn upside down and when the sleeps if command the power key it will automatically restart bringing the same problem. PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP WITH A BETTER SOLUTION BECAUSE I’VE TAKEN TO AN ENGINEER AND UNABLE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  64. vey ruhimatuloh says:

    bos G900F korea susah di flash,,,gak cocok terus fimware nya…..kalau bisa tolong ya,,,,lau sampai ber hasil tar di kirim….PLZ boleh uwang boleh…ini no hp saya vey ruhimatuloh garut kota +6285314646700

  65. Nelson Rios says:

    hola soy de honduras que region devo descargar

  66. shahazada Ifty says:

    How can i fix korean in my s5 g900k..Is there any firmwere…???

  67. Andy says:

    How do I root straight talk s5 (sm-s903vl)?

  68. gideon says:

    i have a galaxys5 sm-g900h how can i root it

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  71. Casper says:

    Can’t find My
    SM-G900F Europe

  72. Casper says:

    Lollipop Andriod 5.0 Firmware

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